Whoah! Time sure can fly! Christmas is coming and with it come exciting challanges.
One of my projects for this year is to make Christmas Cards! So, pray it goes good. Yes? My main plan is to sell them when I go facepainting, but hopefully some friends will think they’re interesting and get some too. Heh.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sick, (and consequently I missed dancing class…RWWAAAR!) so instead of going there I had to content myself with staying at home and start them cards!

Here’s the beginnings of card #1 …oh… I just noticed, you can’t really see it.

Let’s see if this works with more contrast.

One thing that’s also coming up, which I’m super excited about is…. (suspense music) CERVANTINOOOO! EEEEE! I can really, hardly wait to re-live the experience!


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