Oh, I love pizza, I love pizza, I LOVE PIZZA!

Yes. That is something you all absolutely must know 🙂

OH! And you know what else you should know? HA! I ATE PIZZA TODAY!
OOOhhh delicious goodness like Florence would say. (the goodness part I mean, she also said “badness”… hurmmf….)

-Breathes in, breathes out- I can also relax now. WEESHH! You should see how many people decided to be born on the last days of September and first day of October!… A LOT!
I´m glad they did though 😉 Yoda´s voice: Incredible people they are.

Oh and today in the car, we had an intense discussion of what would be the most awesome super power to have. I vote Teleporting. I mean, what beats that? And…yeah, basically won -wink-
Like Gabe interestingly put it, “I mean, imagine how cool that would be. I could be on a job in some country, then come back home for dinner!” haha

Oh, and my sisters have gotten me hooked on Taylor Swift´s songs. Heheh, they´re just so cute and sigh…. roooomantiiic!! AND WOW! Her hair…Nicest blond hair I´ve ever seen.
I even know the words to a few of the songs already! wow… haha


Okay, overly extensive squeal.

CERVANTINO IS HAPPENING!!! It´s so exciting! I can hardly wait! Last year was AMAZING! Just, such an incredible experience, and now this year a lot of my friends are going which is just going to make it even better! Sigh… my parents were just listening to the song of Everything… brings back amazing memories.

Yes. Another thing you absolutely must know. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!


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5 Responses to PIIZZZAAA!

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  2. Flo says:

    ohhhh coincidence?? i had pizza!! yummm! hmm i vote making whatever u want appear (if that is considered a power :D) cus then u could just make the money and buy a ticket to wherever u want to go and you could make other things appear too, like genie, so i can get a wish, i could also make you appear, so i wouldnt have to teleport to u, HAHA!! do i win now? this better be considered a power!! 😀 haha! oh no windy, dont get hooked! soon you will be reeled in!! 😛 did that make sense?!?!?! ok i think i better stop before i make this comment super long 😀

  3. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Hmm..okay, that’s a very good power too!

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