To an angel…

It’s your birthday! I can’t believe it…another year…WOW!
Well, I hope you really, really, really enjoy it…cuz before you know it you’ll be an…GULP *squeaky voice* ADULT!
Steph, I am SO grateful I got to meet you, through chat and in person! You’re a wonderful friend… one I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world! (Yeah, not even a room full of lighted candles! heheh) In so many ways, you’re like an older sister too. Understanding, loving, funny…someone you don’t have to pretend for to keep your reputation, but someone you can just be who you are with.

I love you SOOO much and pray that you have the most amazing year ever and that the Lord does super special things for you, cuz, you deserve it!


I was supposed to be funny, and I’ve come out all mushy so far… hahahaha

Well, you know I really love you right?

Now, for the scary part.
YOU’RE …YOU’RE SEVENTEEEEEEN! Gaaash! I mean, weren’t you just 16 a day ago?
But don’t worry, you’ll live. You’re that sort of person 😀

Aww I just wish you the greates full moon night you’ve ever had, wake up Adrian if you have to, but ENJOY IT!



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One Response to To an angel…

  1. Misty says:

    WoW! ur seventeen?? well u dont know me but im windys sis and she talks about u a lot. it was wow cu sur seventeen and windy told me ur in college! gosh! gimme some brains! haha oh well happy belated b-day!

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