People. My mom. MY MOTHER has….A FACBOOK!


I sure didn’t see that coming!
*proud smile* My mom…sniff…she’s…she’s all grown up now…. 😛

hahaha kidding mom!


Oh, and another WHOAH! Yesterday when I went face painting I saw this little girl who had THE BIGGEST eyes I have ever seen in my life! To get a picture, put your thumb and pointing finger together. Yep, that big. NO KIDDING! I SHOULD’VE taken a picture…sigh… where is a camera when you need one? Oh, and I had the HONOR (heheh right.) of painting her face and I was able to get that -twitch, twitch- feeling out of me when I measured her eyelashes with my pinky. No kidding they were almost as big as my pinky! Basically, an INCH long! WHEEESH! DAME TUS OJOS!

One of the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen too!


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