Why do weekends have to go by so fast?? It’s not…FAIR!

Then again, when is life ever fair heh? Gotcha!

Well, I do have one thing to look forward to for tomorrow: *sings* DANCING CLAAAAAS! But MAN am I sore! Owie…
Friday’s work out finally decided to show up in my body, pffft!

Ahahah, want to know something funny though? The grandma of one of the girls that goes to my class  called her granddaughter over, pointed at me and asked her, “Is she your teacher too?”
I think I turned as red as a tomato! heheh

So obviously, this was the grandma’s first time at our studio 😀

On a sadder note, LYNETTE IS LEAVING!!! NOOOOO! I’ll miss her for sure….
Lynette, I love you! Have an awesome time okay? (yeah, I know it will be difficult…without…me… ) Hahaha kidding!


WANNA KNOW??? *fierce face*

I love you 🙂


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