It’s back! Mamma’s baby’s back!!!

Sigh, my dear computer… I HAVE missed you!

Alright! Alright! I’ll pour some light over the subject.
You see, I hadn’t been able to be in my computer for around two months because the cable got broken/shorted out/KA-BLAMED! (chose your pick) So, obviously, no cable = no battery. No battery= NO POWER! No power….no computer…sigh…

Okay, so like about three weeks ago my dad took it to this guy to get it “fixed” turns out the little knob at the end of the cable didn’t fit into the socket of my computer!!! SIGH!!! So the weeks dragged on…and on…and on. The only hopeful prospect for me was to go back to the guy’s shop and get a completely new cable for FOUR HUNDRED PESOS!!! WHAAAT??? Okay, NOT possible for me right now. Add to the fact that I already had to pay some money for the cable to get “fixed”…err… NOT HAPPENING!

Now for the miracle!
Well last night I had the most wonderful dream! I had dreamed that my dad fixed the cable and I was able to use my computer (with all the documents that it has that no other computer does) and I was blissfully happy!…and then… I woke up!


I was telling my wonderful-yet-sad dream to my sisters this morning and they all sighed with me. Later on, I bugged my dad about what we could do about the cable and he gave me the same old replies of taking it back. Suddenly, a strange look crossed his face and he bent over, got my cable and went to the other room. I sorta shook it off and lay there pouting on the bed before I got up to get my school books.

HURAAAH! The miracle happened! The Lord showed my dad what he could do to make the cable fit into the socket of my computer!!! TYJ!!!!

So now, here I am, proudly writing from my very own laptop. Sigh…Jesus is so good to us don’tcha’ think? Sure taught me patience and I sure value my computer so much more!

I guess dreams to do come true!


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One Response to Siiiiiiii!!!!!

  1. Annie says:

    Windy we didnt sigh with you you were the only one that sighed….beat that …….But im so glad that we got all those pics back.

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