Bulls Eye.

I read this today, and it almost made me want to cry. Hit the target of my heart, bulls eye, right smack in the center. It was as if the words jumped out, caught me, hugged and held me tight. It just made me realize, how deep Jesus’ love is for everyone…even me.

You sometimes ask yourself what you can do to make our love grow. You sometimes wonder what can increase our love and passion for each other. You want to receive all the love that I have for you, and that is very pleasing to Me.
   But My love for you is unconditional. So you really don’t have to do anything special, or work anything up, or be anything that you are not. You are the one that I created, and you are the one that I want and desire and love. You–just you, and nothing more–are what I truly desire.
   Let Me love you with my full love. Let Me have you just the way you are. Let Me have only you and nothing else, for that is all I ask and want and desire. I appreciate your service, and I am so thankful for your dedication and desire to spread My Words to the world, but what I want most of all is YOU.

We don’t need any cover-ups. We don’t have to play any petty games. We don’t even have to say the “right” words, because it is just you and Me, and that is all that matters to us.
    This is how our love grows. It isn’t from anything outstanding that you do or anything that you are, not because you “are perfect”but it is just because you are YOU. Because you give your full love to Me, I give My full love to you. It will be like this forever, My love, so enjoy it to the full.

When you believe in My love, you can have total rest, because you know that everything is in My hands. You can know that when something goes wrong, it is not a punishment, but a gift of My love. You can see each thing as a special gift from My hand to one whom I dearly love, one for whom I died.

   There are no conditions attached to My love, no requirements that you have to fulfill, no if/then clauses. It is my free gift to you.

I have no ulterior motives or objectives for loving you–I simply do.

(“Perfect Love”)


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One Response to Bulls Eye.

  1. Alice J. says:

    Waaaa!! Perfect love is one of my favorite favorites!!! sigh I’m so rereading it all all over again 🙂

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