Bibbity, bobbity, BOO!

Ta daaaa! I´m here!

I know, what a miracle huh? Yes, I know…sorry, sorry. I really am!
I´ll have to tell you though, I got…convicted by a friend.
Cough. Yeah you know who you are.

I´ve just been super busy, like you have no idea. Doing school mostly, but also dancing classes, helping out with Bible classes, etc.

Oh, and today I had to clean my room! (shudders) Heheh, okay, okay, so it wasn´t THAT bad… but still, I would prefer not having to clean up. (who would?) Here is where bibbity bobbity boo would come VEEEERY handy…sigh…

OH! YOU WOULD NOT believe what happened today! My poor shoes…
Definitely wrong place at the wrong time. My dad was preparing coffee in the AFTERNOON (gosh, :P) got everything set up but then he got called to check something of the pool and forgot one teeny but extremely important detail: put the container back in it´s place to CATCH THE COFFEE! So all of it spilled down the table, you guessed it, INTO MY SHOES!
I literally freaked out. The fact is, I really, really like those shoes, they´re NEW, I got them after much toil sweat and tears (heheh :P) and really gorgeous (yeah, call me a girl) So it was nothing short of…tragic!

Ugh, now they smell like coffee and cleaning them was NOT really nice.

Okay, so I guess all you guys are sorta´bored right now, me talking about shoes, so I´ll stop cuz I´m nice like that 😛
And now, for some funny pictures:


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2 Responses to Bibbity, bobbity, BOO!

  1. Misty says:

    oops that last ”like” was me.

  2. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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