Have you ever had one of those moments?
What am I talking about, you probably have… I know I definitely did.
Errr…okay, so I haven’t hit myself with that yellow thingy in the picture, nor am I a cat, so not exactly THAT moment….but pretty close…

Aren’t they a little funny though? Those strange little moments where you really aren’t thinking straight and only later, when you’re remembering them do you think, “GAH! Was that stupid…or was that stupid!?? How could I even do such a thing?”

Yep. Fail.

Yeah, well, speaking of fails…I think this is the most pathetic one I’ve ever done yet. Crazy as it sounds, this happened when I had just turned fifteen. I guess I had been so stressed about the whole deal that my mind just wasn’t processing information right.
It was chore time and it was special Cleaning day for me. I went over to my mom and asked her what needed to be done. She pointed at the dish rack holder (you know, where dished dry up?) and told me to clean it.
Okay, that was simple enough right? … or so I thought.
It was pretty stained and the fact that it was white didn’t help much either. After a while of scrubbing I finally gave up and decided to look for a simpler way of cleaning it.
Suddenly, I had the most brilliant idea in the world. I would let it sit in a bucked full of water and bleach and after a few minutes, when all the dirt was lose, scrub it just a bit, rinse it and viola! That would do the trick!
“Now,” I thought, “To look for a bucket big enough….” my eyes spotted a bright red container.
“PERFECT!” I thought with a smile.
Soon it was full to the brim and I lowered the dish rack holder into the bucket. I felt so pleased at myself for finding a simple way to do the job; I was almost grinning from ear to ear.
Just then my mom (or was it aunty Faithy?) walked in. Just one glance at my “creation” and she froze in horror.

“WINDY!?!?! What are you doing??” she shreaked.

My mind was blank, “Umm, I’m cleaning it.” I answered innocently, not quite comprehending the reason of why she was freaking out, “It was too stained so I’m letting it sit with bleach.”

“Windy, you realize you’re cleaning the rack where we put our dishes -what we EAT in-  in…A MOP BUCKET???”

Oh. Dang. That hadn’t really processed into my brain before.
I looked stupidly back at the bucket and thought of all the germs it had after holding the water that had rinsed the mop which had cleaned our dirty floors, where we had walked on…with dirty shoes…

I laugh now when I think back at that memory. Really, I can’t understand how I could’ve been that…ignorant…really!

Well, to end my story, I had to clean the rack all over again…thoroughly. To the extreme.
So much for my plan to make the job simple….

So guys, Moral of the story: NEVER, EVER wash your dish rack in a mop bucket. Aside from feeling very, very silly, you’ll really regret it when your hands are all red from cleaning it…again.


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4 Responses to FAIL…!

  1. Misty says:

    Well.. yup! i can believe that! i never knwe u had done that though. it was probably auntie faithy it sounds like her. ha

  2. Flo says:

    ha, so funny windy! and you didn’t even notice it was the mop bucket?? that bucket is so recognizable…red bucket, pretty cracked, has a thing to squeeze the water out of the mop…..yep! haha, oh well, these things happen! oh, and i learned a lesson from it too!
    NEVER, EVER wash your dish rack in a mop bucket. whooo! 😉

    • 2wildwindyheart says:

      You know what the crazyiest thing is? I DID know it was a mop bucket, I just didn’t relate it to DIRTY ALERT! heheheh
      Sigh…yes, I know… pathetic…

  3. Susan says:

    Ahahaha, that is such a funny story!
    Whenever I break something big, I write it down in my diary, something along the lines of “Don’t ever do that again, idiot!” That way I’ll be sure to remember. 😉

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