Viva Mexico!

September 16th has come once again, and so have the celebrations of Mexico´s independence.
It was two hundred years ago that, ironically, a Spanish Catholic Father Don Miguel Hidalgo, rang the bell in the small town of Dolores, Hidalgo, compelling the Mexican people to gain their independence from the Spanish. Around a decade later, they fulfilled that goal.
Yes, 2010 is special for many mexicans because it culminates those 200 years since that first cry on the early morning of September 16th.
Two hundred years and we´re still here

…well, sort of.
Sadly there isn´t very much to show but a drug, war, and violence torn country. Poverty and dis-employment are still on the rise; Mexico was hit hard during 2008´s recession.
I guess one thing that we can celebrate, even after 200 years, is that the Mexicans continue to be one of the nicest people I´ve ever met. Even when striken time and time again with difficulties, they can still seem to find a reason why to smile. They´re such happy people, full of culture …and good food! heheh

Always ready to get together and do activities with their families and enjoy a good fiesta, you can count on them to make your party   wild and loud…ESPECIALLY loud.

Well, I guess there´s not really much more to say than, I really do love you Mexico, your people and your fiestas!

Happy day to all Mexicans out there!

For some amazing pictures of last night´s celebration, (which was INCREDIBLE by the way!) click on this link


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3 Responses to Viva Mexico!

  1. Flo says:

    hey is that link the pictures of the clebrationt that was on tv?? cause last night there was a thing on tv that they were celebrating with a huge stage and stuff…pretty cool! besides that….happy independence day mexico! your getting ooollldddd 😛

  2. Shelly says:

    We couldnt go because last year 2 people died during the celebration last year, so we went to the mall instead. But we went with a freind to this little pueblito, and had a super fun time.

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