About the beach.

First was the trip of course, which passed quite uneventfully except for all the videos we saw, heheh. The climate changed from lovely neutral weather to hot sticky…stuff…. heeee

BUT MAN! Were the sights WORTH IT! It was so beautiful and when we arrived at the hotel, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was NICE, to the core of the word!
Well, for the first day there isn’t much to say because we arrived in the afternoon, so basically we just chilled, ate dinner and made our room accommodations. (I got to sleep in the room with all the little girls, SCORE!….errr yeah, that sounds strange. The reason I liked it was because my bed/couch was SOOOO comfy :D)

Now you know!

After a good nights rest we woke up to the cheery voices of my uncle, mom, aunty and cousins. We prayed and decided where to go first and we were off! The place was like 20 minutes away from our hotel but the last part of the road was really bad because of the rains (and also because it was a dirt/sand road) But finally, we were there! Oh, the feeling of seeing the ocean, the waves… it sends a chill down your spine. I could hardly contain myself from throwing myself head first and the water, or on a lighter note, jumping up and down.

You should’ve seen the face of my little sister. She had never seen a beach or the sea in real life before. She had a grin from ear to ear! And my other two sisters, hadn’t gone to a beach since they were tiny tots, and neither of them remembered it, so it was like their first time too.

The first beach was nice. The water was pretty clean and the waves weren’t too strong. The food was delicious and we got some really awesome pictures!

The second beach we went to was Las Gatas. It was on an island about 10 minutes from the mainland. It was a pretty, little quaint place and the sun shone super bright that day. We found lots of coral pieces washed up on the beach. I found one that looks just like a real, human heart! The food there was THE BEST! And…my legs got very sunburned from making the sand castle. I was in SERIOUS pain for the next two days. It was horrible, no kidding, I almost cried when I put some jeans on (yeah, not smart!) and now…it’s peeling. EWWW!

But I got my wish. I GOT TANNED! I ACTUALLY got tanned! Not like, super drastic, BUT I GOT TANNED!!! Even my legs… wow… 😀

The next beach was called Troncones. The current there was pretty strong and the water part of the beach was full of rocks. Some of them were gorgeous, (I brought back home some samples!) but, when you were in the water and the wave came in….ouch! All of them would hit your legs like bullets. (Not that I would know how a bullet feels though… *grin*) There were also some really nice shells there and… volcanic BLACK SAND! Oooh it felt so nice under my feet, and it sparkles! I just had to bring some back home, and I did 😀
We celebrated Auntie Luz’s birthday there and ate some really GOOD carne azada! Whohoo! Vivan las vacas! heee

Back in the hotel we watched TOY STORY 3! OMG! That movie was GENIOUS! Absolutely BRILLIANT!

The next day I went with Auntie Luz to try to see if we could provision this Delphinarium. The man there was very sweet, but he told us that all of the shows were scheduled and we had to have at least a week of reservation. OMG! People! OMG!!! I SAW DOLPHINS! In real life! You see, the owner asked to talk with us upstairs and that is where all the dolphin pools were. Wow… I was so excited, I literally flipped. The owner saw how much I was enjoying seeing one and asked me if I wanted to see a mommy and her baby dolphin!!! DREAM COME TRUE! One more thing ticked off of my “To-do-in-this-life list!” (Oh, and this is what I put my jeans on for :D)

In the afternoon we went to another hotel that was right at the beach. It was really cool there! The current was pretty strong too but you could go quite far into the ocean and it would still be reasonably “shallow” (as in, the water didn’t cover my head heee) AND HOLY COW! THE most awesome thing happened!
Okay, so I was going out to meet the big waves and “ride” on them. Suddenly this HUGE wave came over, it was the most amazing feeling, sorta scary-tingling-exciting but then came the rush. I flipped over! Seriously! It was so big it made me to a complete summer sault and man! It was such a rush! I got up from the water thinking,
“OHH MY GOD! Amazing! I hope the next one does that too!”
And it did! But the second wave was even BIGGER! WEEEEE! heheh, okay, enough of me and my fascination for big waves.
After we got tired swimming in the ocean we chilled out in the pools the hotels had, raced and played a game that was a mix between “Hot potato” and Volley ball, because our attempts at real volley ball were a fail.
Oh! And look, this crazy/amazing/HUGE chess game was in the hotel too!

Impressive huh?
Once we had our fun in the hotel, we went to the TIANGUIS! Weee! Different stores where we got little keepsakes. I got this cute, miniature sail boat, a bracelet and a key holder in the shape of a turtle.
Weeeeehhhh! Now comes the sad part that must always come at the end of the trip: THE END OF THE TRIP! The road back home was pretty intense and stressful because of the hard rain. In one part of the road we stayed there for about an hour because a tree had fallen into the road. Men from different cars got down into the pouring rain to help saw part of the tree. Finally they were done and we were on our way….so we thought! DRAMAAAA! Auntie Luz’s car stalled! Geesh! Thank the Lord someone was able to lend us some plugs and we got some battery into the car and it ran smoothly the rest of the way! PTL!

Pretty exciting and fun trip. One I will never, ever forget!

Now, for some PHOTOS!


With some dear friends.

The awesome Garcia family!

The girls of our Family! I love you!


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