You would not believe…

..where I am right now!
EEEK! I am in the lobby of a beautiful hotel …at…a ….


Can you believe it? Me? In a beach? (dreamy look)

I haven’t been to one since I was four! …oh, no actually I went to Tampico… but it was a little different over there. OH! But HERE, it’s like, have fun 100% of the time non-witnessing related. I LOVE it! Ohhh and me and my cousins took bunch of pictures, and it’s just the first day! We still have four glorious days to go. Sigh… Sigh.. SIGH!

The only sorta bad news is that it’s a little bit cloudy and sorta rainy-ish today and it looks like it will be like this tomorrow too. Oh, well, not to bad actually.
Yes, and one of my goals it to get myself tanned… I’ve never been tanned in my life, so I would like to see how I look like if I’m brown! lol

Oh, and the SHELLS! Oh, the shells….

Next to candles, shells are the “things” I like most in this life. So gorgeous, each one beautiful in its own way. The shore we went at today didn’t have so many, but we’re going to one soon that has TONS of shells! YAY!

Oh the gruesome side of the story today: We found…I mean, I found a dead dog!!! AEEEE! It was DISGUSTING! And to think I almost stepped on it! GROSS! But yeah, it was pretty repulsive, you could even see some of his bones already… he had been dead for quite a while.

Oh! Another wonderful thing was the FOOD. MMM! Who ever knew fish could taste so good? And the tortillas…
Oh right. I’d better stop before I make you all hungry and jealous that I ate some delicious food and you didn’t.

heheh, Kidding!

I promise, promise I’ll post the pics later. They’re still in the camera and I probably need to fix some of them anyway. So, SEE YA!


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3 Responses to You would not believe…

  1. Flo says:

    Cool! The beach part I mean….haha! Yes post pictures!

  2. Nikki says:

    I know… that dog! ugh…
    It was so fun though and we prayed for nice weather and guess what!?…..The rain went away, the sky cleared out completely and we had an awesome day at a sunny beach were we got totally SUN TANNED… i mean, BURNT hahah it was really cool though

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