Que bien la pases… es tu CUMPLEAAAAÑOOOOS!

Sunny, I have vowed to myself that I shall not freak out because you are turning fourteen.

(Chokes) WHAAT??? YOU ARE?!?!? HOLY COW! Don’t you know that for an older sister that’s one of the closest things to ILLEGAL??? You make me feel old! GAH! No fair! I REMEMBER when I was fourteen. I … REMEMBER which means, I’m older than that…GAH!


It’s, THE END!

Oops. Okay, so that wasn’t really supposed to happen…

SUNNY!! RAAAAR! You’re growin into a (how do people say it? Oh, right.) a daym sexey woman!
I love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so, sooooo much! I hope this year is totally awesome, that (ahem, if it’s the Lord’s will) that some guy will be lucky enough to catch your eye and become your special someone.
OR, if that’s too much stress, just settle with awesome.

Have a blast, be happy, SMIIILE, like make up (PLEEEEEAAASE!) and best of all, keep on being the fun person that you are and can be!


(El Dorado music) Tran, tran, tran, tran, tran, traaaan!

Okay, so I already told you that in the awesome card I made you, but, it’s worth repeating cuz it’s our…thing heh.

OH yeah, and last warning: REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoy this year, cuz (as I’ve said before) fourteen lasts only a teeeny tiny year and that’s like, compared to the rest of your life, NADA. So enjoy it, cuz soon you’ll be as old as me and wish you were younger.
Inspired yet?


You’re going to have a fun year, I KNOW it! 😉


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