Uh oh!

My friends are starting to blog, and I´m starting to be left behind!

It´s good they are. Get´s me convicted… like right now.

Oh! You want to know the craziest thing that happened today?? Well, I was going to eat strawberries with chocolate for snack (ahh, a piece of heaven!) so, I got this little glass…errr.. ceramic plate, put the chocolate inside and stuck it in the microwave. (yeah, obviously to melt it)

I was happily singing a tune while un-freezing the strawberries when I heard a loud “BANG!”
I jumped and quickly went to the dining room to see what the dogs had done this time…only, it wasn´t the dogs. I peek inside the microwave and find to my horror: THE PLATE BROKE!

HOLY COW! A teeny peace of its side had shot out like a rocket and was lying on the side of the microwave.
Silly me, I quickly opened the door of the microwave to take the plate out before more damage was done.

“Ouch!” My hand reflectively jerked away from the hot plate.

Yeah, who else but me would do something like that….

Good news: nobody was there so no freaked out comments on the spot. Maybe there will be some later, when I tell my mom about it…

But I mean, what sort of ceramic plate breaks and shoots a piece out? Errrr… mine obviously did.
Want to know what´s the weirdest thing?
The plate wasn´t in the microwave for more than a minute.

I know… strange.

Today is Dancing class and I´m a little anxious cuz I sorta lost a wee bit of flexibility. Hopefully, it won´t be too bad today.

I hope.

Well, changing the subject:

I´m sort of freaking out with my school.
Reason: Math.

Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Not that I have a problem with it (as in, I HATE it) but it SERIOUSLY fries my brain. Add to the fact that I´m not err… GOOD at math, and I  usually don´t like doing things I´m not good at.

Sigh. Lord help me.

So yes, if you could pray I do really well this year and that I understand my dad´s way of explaining…
gulp… algebra,
gulp… geometry…
gulp! and trigonometry I´ll be everlastingly thankful to you.

Once I get the concept, I´m okay.
It´s just the long, tedious, grueling time it takes for me to UNDERSTAND the problem is what I dread the most.
Usually, it goes something like this. (Either with my dad or my mom, but I´ll use my dad as the example)

I look at the page, the new concept looks at me with a hideous smile and evilly cackles at me from where it´s inevitably printed in my book. (Okay, mild exaggeration. But didn´t that make it more interesting? Yes? … okay fine, I´ll stick to reality)
My heart goes “flip-flop” as I realize what´s coming.

“Umm… dad? I don´t get this…”

He sighs (or if he´s in a good mood he´ll smile) and come look at my book.
“Oh, this is easy!” he exclaims.

Yeah, Easy.


So he starts explaining the EX-TREEMLY complicated process, while doing the problem for me at the same time. After a while and by the time he´s almost over, I start freaking out.

“So, you got it?” he looks at me expectantly.

We both stare at each other for about 3 seconds before I find my voice.
I think there´s a blank look in my face.
“Errr…. Not really… Could you run that through me again?”

Once this happens about two more times, he starts getting exasperated, and that doesn´t really help a lot…cuz I freak out and my mind goes blank.

Finally, after the one-hundreth million time.

“OOOOOOOOOH! So THAT´S how you do it!” A big smile spreads on my face.
I think I can hear the Hallelujah Chorus.

You can see relief wash over my dad´s face and he looks at me with a face that tells me, “This is what I´ve been telling you all along! You finally got it???”


Whew, what did I tell you? By the end of school time my brain is completely fried. Even now, I´m already sort of dreading those experiences.


So yes, prayers and yes, TIPS will be greatly appreciated by this remarkably slow person in math.

Yikes! Look at the time! I need to start getting ready for my class. Wouldn´t miss it for the world! Sigh, (dreamy look) dancing…



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4 Responses to Uh oh!

  1. Flo says:

    haha, that IS weird with the microwave, oh yes I can understand about math….my mom always tells me to do math first I am like…no way if I do math now my brains will fry and I won’t be able to think properly while doing the rest of the subjects!
    Math….last please!

  2. Nikki says:

    i like math… and i also hate it 😛

  3. Susan says:

    That microwave story is YIKES!!!

    Math is actually my favorite subject. 😀 Want to me to be your tutor? 😛

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