Aww man, the MOVIE yesterday!

Oh, the MOVIE!

It was simply incredible, very touching, but the best part: It was a true story.

It is called The Children of Huang Shi and if you haven’t watched it, WATCH it okay? It is totally worth it!
The lessons it has are amazing and it really does convict you to try to do better and acheive your goals…even until your last breath.
I’ll say, it made me cry, it really did.

Okay, so before I cry again, let me just tell you, WATCH IT!


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3 Responses to Mushynes…

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh yah, I’ve watched it. super good movie and i definitely recommend it. I cried too!
    Love ya Gorgeous

  2. Flo says:

    Hehe, thought I am not one for drama movies I dont really mind so I guess I will check with John Paul if he wants to watch it….he probably wont though 😦
    btw-I watched Bridge to Terabithia a few months back….and I didnt cry! haha! (I know, totally not of the subject but when I read the post that movie popped into my head..haha)

    • Windy says:

      :O! You didn’t CRY in Bridge to Terebithia???! HOW DARE YEEEE!
      It’s a sin if you don’t cry in that movie…heartless person, humph!
      heheheh, kidding.
      It’s a cool movie, you’ll like it!

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