Yeah, talk about it! Yesterday was… INTENSE!

It was also pretty fun too! Know why? Chelsea, Nicole and Vincent came to visit! Yay!

Let me skip the first part of the morning which was pretty normal except we woke up a little later than usual, made breakfast for all of my family and read a book. (Oh, also pop in there devotions and prayer time too)

Around lunch time we were wondering when they would arrive, and since I hadn´t eaten anything I went to the kitchen and made myself two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with these sort-of-like-biscuits bread that comes from Costco.
I had just finished when I heard the DING DONG and “They´re here!”

Ahhh! I quickly gulped down one sandwich and shoved the other one to my unsuspecting youngest sister and told her I made it for her. She accepted it gratefully (for which I was grateful heh heh) and ran out the front door to greet my friends. Well, they were parking and I was a little thirsty, so I quickly ran for a cup of water and went out through the front door again.

“Huh? Where did they go?”

Turns out, they came into the house through the back door (where our huge patio is) so basically I had to go around the house to say hello. Geeee….

Once that was over we talked a little then went to play…VOLLEY BALL!

Yes, as I mentioned, I´m ACTUALLY getting better at it! Isn´t that miraculous? It was sooo fun and we all really enjoyed it.

After volley we rested a little bit, got our bathing suits on and put some shorts and a light shirt on top of it and started playing FOOTBALL! That was intense!…actually, volley ball was too.

I got two goals in! YAAAyyyy……..

Ahem, one of them was an auto goal…


But hey! my real goal was p-r-e-t-t-y impressive.

We finished with a tie, 5-5.

After that was WATER FIGHT! That was so dramatic and fun. (Except for the part where some kid named VINCENT threw a bucket of dirty pool water down my head! Geesh!)

But, I lived and they threw him in the pool in the end, so I was happy 😀

Once we were all wet and the game was over, some of us took showers and later hanged out in our big turret, took some awesome photos and chilled.

Sadly, the girls had to leave (leaving Vincent behind) and after a few minutes it was dinner time.
To add to our exciting day, a couple came to visit and brought along the 15 year old kid of the husband. His name was Leonard and he came for vacations to be with his dad from Germany! Fan-cey!

He spoke English pretty well and we played another round of fun volley ball with him. Sigh… some people… he said he´d never played volley ball before in his life and he was… GOOD at it.
Argghh! …it´s like he didn´t even try!
I felt VERY intimidated just then. 😛

Once we decided we had enough of volley we jumped on the trampoline for a bit and later, when we got bored of that, went inside to play…. THE SLAPPING GAME!

We played with UNO cards (but you can play it with Solitaire cards too) so basically the rules of the game are: if the card is a #3, #9 an all color card or a double (like you put a card with the number 2 on it and the next person puts a two) your hand has to go down to slap the card as quickly as you can. The last person with their hand on the pile gets the cards that have been adding up in the middle. The point is to end the game with the least amount (or no cards) if possible. The person with the most cards, losses.

Sigh…and guess who lost?

Yeah, you probably guessed,

A grand total of 85 cards (more than half the deck) Leonard was second with 51 cards… sigh…

It was still fun though, I really love that game.

When the game was over me and Vincent started playing this slapping hand game (you know, hands on the bottom have to hit the hands on top) and later Vincent and Leonard with another game which was similar but instead of slapping up-down, it was side-side.

That was all it took to get us into the groove. We all started playing different hand games (you know, sort of like, “Paddy cake, Paddy cake…”) until everything was set for us to watch Transformers 2 in my dad´s projector.

As all days must end, this day was no different.
After the movie we said our goodbyes and headed off to bed after cleaning the living room.

I really think this was one of the most fun days we have had so far this year… even though I think it was also the day I had the biggest amount of small accidents ever.

  • Twisted my neck
  • Hurt my toe
  • Something happened to my wrist…it hurts!
  • I stepped on a thorn. (Ha, yeah! Very first time for me ever! It was a little funny cuz I had just come back from the house with my sunglasses to play volley ball and just crumpled to the ground. Everybody sorta looked at me like, “huh?!” until I told them I what had happened. Misty, bless her soul took it out for me cuz I was too chicken to touch it.) I think the tip of it is still inside my foot though…
  • I think, I THINK I dislocated the top part of my left pointer finger, though I´m not quite sure. (You see, I ran to get the ball I hit…badly, and my finger started burning and hurting SO bad  it got all red and weird. I ignored it and thought maybe a bug or something bit me, but while fingering it, it just went “pop!” and after that it didn´t hurt at all anymore. Just left it a wee bit sore)
    So, I don´t know exactly what happened…
  • While playing football my foot ran into Nicole´s foot. Only problem was: she had tennis shoes… I… didn´t.
  • Today I woke up and have this huge bruise on my arm, and I have NO idea where that came from.

Oh, and I also busted Vincent´s lip during our water fight. SORRY VINCE!!! Really, I am!

So, what did I tell you?

Intense day.-Lots of fun!


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2 Responses to Whata´day!

  1. Flo says:

    sounds FUN! oh we went to a friends house yesterday and we played that too..as you say the slapping game!! haha, I won hurahh not one card in the whoolleee game!
    oh yeah! ok ok I got 1! but it was only one so yeah! hehe, cool post windy, entertaining!

  2. Misty says:

    U busted Vincents lip? mm never knew that. yeah it was really fun! yeah windy is such a chicken! :p

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