Wow, who ever knew something could be so… difficult!

I woke up at 5:00 am this morning. (Yeah…not normal!)
Hurried to get ready to leave.
Got pressured while putting on my makeup.
Made my breakfast in record time.
Ran out the door with my coffee, hat, and bag in my right hand, sunblock slipping out of my arm and my tennis shoes in my left arm. (With my mom trailing behind me with my breakfast and later the sunblock that fell out from under my arm.)
WOW! Whata’ juggle, but finally we were out the door and in the car whew.

For a few seconds, whew.

Then… those seconds of peace ended.

“Windy, hurry up and drink your coffee.” my dad said. (The road is HORRIBLE bumpy because of the heavy rains that leave it in REALLY bad conditions)

So there I am, gulping my coffee. Thank goodness it wasn’t too hot.
I got it down till about halfway which was okay for the road.

Annie and me juggled between her holding my plate while I drank my coffee and then holding my coffee while I ate my breakfast.

I’m tellin’ ya. A JUGGLE. Wow… we should get hired for a circus!

…or something.

Well at last! We were on our way!
I know that right now you are REALLY wondering, “WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON!?!?!”

Okay, OKAY! Geee… I’ll get to the point.

Well today is Sunday and today was Tianguis (which is sort of like a BIG garage sale where people from all different places sell little different nick nacks, clothes, shoes, food… basically anything that you can sell, they sold it there!)
To make it simple it´s like a second-hand shop (sometimes first hand) mall.

Without… a roof.

Interested yet?

Aaaand it so happens… we´re in the middle of SUMMER! Gash, thank the Lord for the clouds, without them we would have been live toast! Also, we had the comfort of a big umbrella, so it wasn´t half as bad as it could have been.

After many wrong turns and wrong directions, and wrong tianguis we finally, we got there!

My dad had to go with the top people who organize everything and left us in the car. Me and Annie dozed on and off… well, I did anyway. Annie basically slept the whole time my dad was gone. After a while though, he had been gone for a LONG time and we were both wondering what on earth had happened to him.
To make matters more tense, we sorta parked in the middle of the main busy street of the Tianguis. The guy that was in “charge” of the traffic (the only thing making him actually in charge was his whistle…) came huffing and puffing up to our car.

“Hey! Estan en medio del camino! Quiten el carro!” (translated: Hey! You guys are in the middle of the street! Get the car out of here!”

Yeah, sweet guy.

Oh, may I say a word in our defence? Cars could pass perfectly, both ways, with our car parked there on the side of the street.
End of my defence.

I looked at him with the sweetest despairing “I´m sorry” look I could make while turning my wrist, indicating I DID NOT have the keys.
Even if I had, I don´t know if I would have been brave enough to park somewhere else considering that the street was pretty narrow and people drove their cars like monsters.

Yeah, not good idea.

The guy rolled his eyes, shrugged his shoulders and sauntered off to bully some other car. Whew! Saved!

After another long while had gone by we started getting restless and finally decided to go looking for my dad.

“Oh Lord, help this to be a good idea!” I desperately prayed, eyeing the car and considering the options of opening the doors later on IF we didn´t find our dad, because, well, we didn´t have the keys to open those doors again in case we didn´t find him and had to go back to the car.

But hallelujah we found him! He got some directions and finally we were off to get our stand ready!
Let me note that we arrived at 6:10 am. By the time we started putting our stuff up, it was 8:15 am.

Well, not much more to say other than it went okay.
People were nice… all things considered, but they are SO stingy with their money! An example:

This lady came and picked up this beautiful, totally cool guy shirt which was BRAND NEW and told me, “I´ll give you 5 pesos for it” (Pesos is the equivalent to around 25 american cents)

Ha! She´s kidding right?

I pretend I didn´t hear her right and answered, “Oh, that shirt? Yes, we’re giving it for 20 pesos” (Like a dollar and a half)


GOSH! Fine, let´s bargain. “Fifteen.”


“Sorry, ten is my last offer. Look at that shirt, it´s in perfectly good conditions!”

She sorta huffed and left the shirt on the floor as if saying “Fine! You didn´t want to sell it to me, you lost your customer and didn´t sell your shirt.”

Fine with me! That shirt was SO not work FIVE PESOS! PFFT I was not letting it go for that cheap price… it deserves way more.

Not even five minutes later a guy comes up and immediately picks up the shirt. “How much?” He asked.

I was about to say twenty, but my dad answered, “Fifteen.”

Oh well.



Ha, I wish that lady would´ve been there…

Sigh… that was one nice guy shirt…

Other people were nicer and didn´t bargain with me for a-more-than-an already-bargain price. With them 10 pesos was ten pesos, no “but´s” about it.
Thank God for people like that! Made my day.

At long last, it was time to pick up and we were on our way; driving away from that tiring place and back to home sweet home.


… I need to take a shower.


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