Oh, sorry.
That up there (yeah that…the TITLE) translated to where you can understand (a.k.a. normal ENGLISH language) means: Congratulations Clara!
Spiffy huh?

Hey! Ain’t she a hottie?
Weeeeeoooo! I can’t believe it! Wow… It’s your birthday and I can’t believe it! SIXTEEN ALREADYY! Wow… boom baby right there.
And look, trust me, don’t worry.
If your year is somewhat smilar to how mine has gone so far, you’re gonna like it (uh huh uh huh!) And yeah, even though it’s really creepy and somewhat scary to answer this question -> “Hey! How old are you?”
(mainly cuz you usually answer something like this ->) “Fiff…sixteen.” trying to keep a smile on your face while thinking, “WHERE ARE THE YEARS GOING???”
You’ll live.
For sure.
Hey! I’m still here! 😉
I really pray and hope with all my heart that this year will be totally awesome for you, full of fun, victories and exciting stories to tell your grandkids when you’re a grandma. (Whoah, freaky prospect huh?)
Bah,but don’t worry! Psshh! it’s alright! I bet you’ll make a really awesome-sexy looking-talented grandma!
Wow… I have such powers of encouragement, ya think?
Okay, right. Back to the present.
I know this is like… a day late but hey! “Thought that counts” works EVERY time right?
Have an awesome 16th year! I love you Clara
*sings mariachi style* Clara…clariiiitaaaaa! AAAAAAAAH HA HA HAAAAY! Estas soooon las ma….


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