I´m back!

Powerful words there, but yes, I think you´ll all agree.

Wow, this was a pretty hectic summer alright, busy, busy, busy… and yet, I loved every part of it!
I´ll have to post some pictures later, I think you´ll like them! (especially my weirdo faces…gulp!)
Ahhhh and we´re back to some really nice weather now. Not to hot, not to cold – PERFECT.

Oh yes! As you may remember, last night we watched KARATE KID! Whoah! That movie was just, really cool. I especially like how Will Smith´s kid acted. Hehe love that kid: funny, cool, somewhat of a show off, but kind and a toughie! The places and scenes where they filmed were absolutely breathtaking! Don´t we live in such a beautiful world?

Anyway, enough of my babbling on how cool the movie was.
WAIT! Have I mentioned…it was cool?


Moving on!

Oh! I simply must tell you about (dramatic music) THE SHIRTS!
Haha, no. I´m serious!
Don´t you just love those shirts that have such smart ass phrases that send you reeling over with laughter. (and inwardly make you want to wear them?) Well, here are some examples of some shirts I found while in Wal-Mart, thrift stores, JC Penny, Macy´s etc.

May I present to you, THE SHIRTS.
Young Girl-Preteen area:

“Don´t look at me!
…my brother ate my homework!”

“I make awesome look easy.”

Teen- Young Adult area:

“Riiiight. You love my eyes.”

“Don´t tell me you´re not checking me out.
You just finished reading this.”

And the best one yet:
“A Crush: An attraction some people have to a person who is totally out of their league.
Most guys have one on me.”

Wahahaha, that last one made me laugh so hard…OUT LOUD! Yeeeah… not too good when all eyes turn toward you and the way people stare like, “Is this girl alright…?”

Bah, who cares? All you have to do is show them… THE SHIRT!

On to another subject: Can you believe they haven´t announced who won the Creation challenge yet?? Gash… my nails are going to end up GONE by the time they announce the winner. Heh.

Another good news about coming back is that I´m going to go back to dancing lessons! Yay! I can hardly wait! Err… for dancing that is, cuz I just KNOW I´ll be soooo sore, it won´t even be funny…
Seriously, if I miss doing exercise for just ONE measly week and I start again, OOWWW! I sore so fast and BAD. Sigh… I guess it´s just a part of life I just have to live with huh?

Hahaha I just ran into (not literaly of course…) an awesome website with THE funniest motivational phrases. Let me show you some.

(In case you can´t read it: COMPROMISE Let´s agree to respect each other´s views, no matter how wrong you may be.)

I hope these made you laugh as much as I did!

If you want to see more go this awesome demotivational website click there!

See ya people!


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3 Responses to I´m back!

  1. Flo says:

    hahaha! lol! so funny! yeahhhh I wanna watch karate kid!! Ermm I don’t really like how Will Smiths son acts though…dunno about how he acts in karate kid but in the newest
    “the day the earth stood still” he acts sooooo……just annoying lol, oh well I have GOT
    to watch karate kid!!

  2. Misty says:

    haha lol

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