Time is flying people! It’s FLYING!

Like, with WINGS!

GASH! (again!)

At this rate, it’ll be Christmas tomorrow!
(Serious look) Don’t laugh people, I said that LAST year in June…and look were we are now!

Oh! Guess what people? I’m (ahem, I mean, WE) going to go visit my bro in Austin! Yay! Fun, fun, fun. See if my nephew can teach me some heavy-duty American Football skills… ra rara right…. As if I can even THROW the ball without hitting the cat, breaking a window, interrupting the neighbors, throwing it over the fence, killing myself trying to get it back and seeing his face of, “Oh gosh…I think you’re a lost cause..”
Not a good idea.

I guess some, teeny techniques and erm, some soft play will do great for me!

Oooo! And I have also been trying my guitar skills, ROCK ON!….or not…
My fingers hurt! Gah.
You see, I haven’t really been practicing lately, but because of the lack of things to do, I picked it up from its dusty, coweb-ed corner, tuned it and wala! My fingers hurt…
I had them all nice and callused before, but I got into this crazy stage of wanting to take care of my hands (Pssshh, totally corny I know!) and I found out: if you want smooth fingertips, don’t play guitar!
Well, so much for whimpy them! NO MORE! I want to play, okay?
Also, for any of you stressing out there (and who can play guitar) play it! Oh goodness, it’s SOOO soothing, I mean, really! Gets all the tension out and makes you feel good as new! I’m serious!

Fine, go ahead and laugh. (those of you who haven’t found out my incredibly awesome anti-stress secret works) But I’m still serious.

For those of you who may wonder, I’ve been doing good. Life, going on as usual, battles, victories and all those things that come along with living. (good times included!)
I will admit, I’m stressing. (just a teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy-bit)
Cuz right now, I don’t know if I’m going to continue on homeschool as I have been doing these last 10 years or if I’m going to go to regular school now. (As in, public or private school)
So, pray my parents and I make the right decision, could you? Yes?


Well, my sister is complaining that I should move on in writing my story. (yeah…I’m still writing it…sorry FLOOO! I know, it was supposed to be ready for your b-day…sigh… I’m seriously, not even halfway through…it’s a long book…)
And my mom just told me this was enough for today.!


Well, see ya!


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2 Responses to GASH!

  1. Flo says:

    Hehe, yeah I know you started that book ages ago! Heh, dont worry, you will finish it..somedayy 😛

  2. Steve says:

    so does this mean ull be passing through san antonio on ur way home?

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