Things to know if you’re with little kids…

  • Give them piggy back rides. They love them!
  • Kids love playing with water and dirt. If it’s summer, get some safe kitchen objects and let them play with water in a tub or big container (Keep your eyes on them though!) As with dirt, a little of it won’t hurt them. Just maker sure they don’t stick it in their mouths.
  • During winter, taking the kids outside is sometimes out of the question, but one very effective way to keep them entertained is: mix a little bit of water with regular flour, and make them some dough!  Show them how to use cookie cutters, let them play around with it, give them little plates where they can make small cakes in, let them do little figurines-rainbows, flowers, etc. You can also make regular cookie batter and let them enjoy eating the cookies they made themselves.
  • When you don’t want them to touch/play with/ or put it in their mouths say: “No. Don’t do that, it’s icky! Ewwww!” make a face of total disgust and lead them to something else they CAN play with.
  • If they start crying, look for something very interesting to distract them with.
  • If they’re being difficult:
    Option #1: Give them a cookie and they’ll love you for the rest of the day. (this is if they’re just tired or whiny. If they actually did something wrong, go to option two.)
    Option #2: Send them to the corner. Yes, they may cry for a while, but if you’re firm and tell them that unless they say sorry (for example) they’re just going to stand/sit there. Once they do, give them a hug and a kiss, pray with them, and run off to do something fun. (very effective, and you don’t have to spank them. Don’t scream though! Just be firm.)
  • If you’re trying to do jobs around the house, ask your little one to help you out! Little kids love helping and the feeling that they’re being useful.
  • Children love being chased and enjoy chasing! Play some fun tag games with them. Make sure you let them catch you and make a big deal out of it and praise them when they do!
  • Take a tour around the house, or in nature. It helps a lot if they are learing their colors, numbers, objects, etc. Example: “My! What a pretty flower! Let’s see, does it smell nice?” Once they smell it: “Yes, very nice! Do you know what color it is?” (If they don’t know the answer help them out!)
    Praise them, and walk on toward some other little treasure.
  • Have fun with your camera! Kids love pictures! If you have a digital camera show them how cute they look!
  • Animate stories with Barbie dolls, cars, stuffed animals, and other toys to make it interesting and fun for them!

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One Response to Things to know if you’re with little kids…

  1. Nikki says:

    Hahaha, thanks for the tips. I have to admit that I already do or have done all of those.
    Kind of essential, you know, 6 siblings and all. 😛

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