Oh happy day!

(Sings to myself) “…when Jesus waaashed… oh when he waashed…”


Why, hello!

Yes, at long last I am back, estoy,

Wow, the weather here is enough to send you flying off your feet a thousand miles into infinity! Seriously, this morning was really nice (not to hot, not to cold) Then around mid day dark, gloomy  clouds AROSE over the horison. Rain! Lightning! THUNDERRRRR! (haha can’t you feeeel the drama???)
Heh, it actually wasn’t THAT bad, but it did drizzle for a while. It was all cloudy and dark, and all of a sudded! BOOM BABY!
Can you believe it? The sun is shining as bright as ever now! Sheesh!

See what I’m talking about?

“Right now it’s 54 degrees here in sunny Kansas City, Missouri. The prospect for the day, definitely looks bright! Only a small chance of rain over the light fluffy clouds we can still find in the sky is possible.
Eat hamburgers and have a WOOOON deee ful day!”

Tv voice: And that is the end for your afternoon weather report, broadcasted by Windy.

Ahem. I’d make a good, “weather woman” ya think?

Oh, the suspence! Ooooh! The drama!
You see, in ECHO there was a contest. “Got a Creation?”
Basically, anything you’ve made, or…erm, created goes! Cool huh?
Well, I’ve sent my submissions in and now is the tiring wait of having to find out who will be the winner of the First and Second prize!
(I personally think there should have been a 3rd prize as well….sigh, PTL)

Well, it’s exciting fo’ shizzle!

Let’s see, what else can I tell you of my super-duperly-duper-awesome life?
OOOH! Right!

I’ve been helping out these last…3 fridays…(I think?) to teach some Bible classes to the little “congregation” of my grandma’s Hispanic Fellowship. Yes sireeee and tomorrow, after helping with the class, we’re going to have nice dinner. (Aye!) Me thinks that be ever so awesome!

Sigh, speaking of dinner. I’ve been living in 7th heaven these past few days… *dreamy look* Know why? Well, on Sunday and Wenesday (yesterday) we went to this super good buffet called Golden Corral. OOOEEEE! I got to eat STRAWBERRIES!!! With chocolate! Oy! Delicioso!
Weehoo! TWICE this week! sigh…God is good!

Then, there is sad news…
Yesterday we also went to a thrift store to see if there was any good clothes we could get (My mom found two cool house shirts for me, yay!) And as I was walking down one of the eyes my eyes fell upon…. A SCALE!
Of course, there always comes that nagging feeling to cheek how much you wight every time you see one of those, so I peek around, to see if anyone is watching and carefully place it on the floor.
GASP! I’ve gained five pounds! …bummer.
Well, it’s not THAT bad.
I sorta expected it to be a little more, because I really haven’t been able to do exercise, but, I guess since my grandma has been feeding us nutritious, good stuff, err…food, it hasn’t been as bad as it (creepy words coming ahead!) could have been!
I tried to get my dad to buy one of those scales for us, but he said we didn’t need one and that, “We have one back home.”

“No we don’t.” I answer.

“Yes we do, Uncle Gabe has one!” (my dad can be so funny at times)

“Daaad,” I *whine*, “that, is HIS not ours.”

“Well, you can ask him if you can use it.”

GASP! Does he know how embarrassing that is?…well, at least for me.
I mean, picture this: “Hey Gabe! Can I use your scale?”…..
…errrrrrr… not good.

Anyway. The point is we didn’t get the scale in the end (sob!) and my dad started freaking out once I told him how much everything we had gotten cost in the end. *giggle* Imagine if we HAD gotten that scale.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Well, I got the very hoped for, treasured and finally acquired, picture frame for a painting I did especially for my grandparents. It came out looking really nice with that darlin’ $0.99 picture frame, that is PERFECT for the picture.


Today we be a’havin’  some visitors over and me grandma has prepared a nicely handsome dinner! Aye!
(umm, not sure if that made sense…)

Which means, I have get ready, (girl stuff=a.k.a: You don’t want to know!)

So, see ya!


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