Ta ra ra ra raaa!

Heheh imajinate! I was wondering how it would be to make a post in SPANISH!…but…I’m not sure how many people speak Spanish, and if they can’t, I imagine the post would be pretty boring or go something like this:

Blog viewer: Waaaaa? What on earth is this? Español? Mi vida? Imaginate? Preguntas?? WHAT!?! Pssshhh what’s this girl thinking?? *turns off computer and walks away*

GASP! That WOULD be tragic… *cry*

So in honor (haha! You actually write that last word the same in English and Spanish…COOL!) of my dear blog viewers, I will stick to writing with English. -Unless I have a sudden inspiration for writing a word in Español!- *Ting* (big grin full of teeth sparkles like they do in advertisements for toothpaste.)

Speaking of toothpaste…

(Uh oh, I think I can hear silent cries of “OH NOOOO!” so…ahem, I shall not continue on the toothpaste topic) Hey! I could abbreviate that the TTT’S! 😉

Today I did school! (again!) And watched… *drumroll* Thumbelina!!! Hahaha that cartoon is just too cute. I love the Mama Sapo (mommy frog)

After lunch we went off to Goodwill and Wal Mart where I was able to get some really cool picture holders and a frame for this painting I did. It was pretty fun and got to eat a ice-cream in the end, yay!
Man was I savoring that thing until I decided to turn over the box and read the little interesting details that always come at the back of packaged food.

You know what I saw? YOU KNOW WHAT I SAW!?!?! Check it out.

Serving Size 1 Drumstick (name of the brand of Ice-cream that comes with the cone)
Calories 290
Calories from Fat

HOLY COW! And I just ATE THAT! A grand total of THREE HUNDRED AND TEN CALORIES!!! GAAHHH! (haha wow, the amount sounds much more impressive written down with words!)

Guys, that’s just nuts! Do you know how many sit-ups that’s gonna take??? ARRGHHH!

Oh well, this is DEFINITELY just once in a lifetime thing… whoah, like WHOAH!

Thank goodness I got the Vanilla cone, do you want to know how much the Vanilla Carmel and the Chocolate ones had?
(errr…no, you don’t want to know) But I’ll show you anyway

Chocolate: 310; Calories from Fat: 150.
Vanilla Caramel: Calories: THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY!; Calories from Fat 150!

Gash! And that’s just one measly 93 grams ice-cream cone!… goodness…!

Oh well, at least it was yummy.

Well, enough of traumatized me.

Oh, if you really want to see something that’s really, really worth your time, will give you inspiration and hope to keep on going and not give up look up Nick Vujicic in you tube. The amazing man without arms and legs. You will go out from seeing those videos a new man or woman.

Well, gtg! I hope that you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are!


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One Response to ESPAÑOOOOL!

  1. Flo says:

    Haha, windy your so funny! Ohhh Ice cream yummmyyyy~! Haha, I dont look at the back for fear of reading the calories XD

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