Ugh! (shudders) Sticky, sweaty, hot…ewww I’m not really a fan of such days..and here it has been pretty much every day! GAH! The heat varies from day to day, but whoah! TODAY!! Was EXTREMELY HOT! Yikes!

Oh! on a side note, my dad bought a volley ball and a net! Yay! I really love that game… though… ahem, as usal in sports, I’m not really good at it.
I trip over the grass (yeah…seriously…) my arms sorta just fling around, I don’t usually hit that ball (or when I do, not really good)…p-r-e-t-t-y pathetic…sigh….
 OH! But when I do hit the ball, my screams and squeals of joy fill the whole yard…. haha

Yeah, strange.

But PTL I can have a good laugh of myself and enjoy a fun time.

But MAN! The heat today! I stil can’t get over it!
Gosh! It was already late afternoon, and it was still scorching. Thank goodness, I had just taken a shower so I was at leasta a little bit cooled off, but man…just think if I hadn’t… (shudders)

Oh! Today I did school *big grin* (Yeah, be proud of me :P)
Yes, I’m on vacations, but I want to get ahead so I get some study time when I can 😉 It was pretty easy and I got to get into some deep stuff about Joan of Arc. MAN! It’s really interesting 😀

Random thought: I really want to see how Eclipse turned out (hopefully better than the first two “movies”…) and really want to see Karate Kid!
End of Random note.

Okay, so it’s about time to be saying tooddles and noodles, but since that is the corniest way of saying goodbye, you’ll have to be content with: See ya!


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2 Responses to Humidity…

  1. Flo says:

    Yeah, I wanna see Karate Kid too, oh haha, when we were at the movies the little kids went to watch Toy Story, and Jp, Alyx, David, and I were like what should we watch? everybody exepct for Alyx, I know! Despicable me! Alyx, I want to see how eclipse came out…Jp, noooo~! David, errr…..Me, I heard Despicable me is good!

  2. 2wildwindyheart says:

    Windy you are CLUMSY!!! We have told you that a 1000 times and you don’t listen…

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