HORRAY! There was internet and TIME today! (Oh wow! heh heh, that RHYMED!)
Ahhh (sits comfortably and starts typing)

Well, lots have been happening lately, different outings, visiting friends, etc. It has been pretty awesome, except for the part when there isn’t a lot of internet and I can’t post the fun things we have done because of that! (Inhales!) So, I shall tell you a bit about it.

Weeehoo! We went golfing yesterday! And who cares if it was Mini…it was FUN! 😀

Oh! And guess what!? YAY! I won 5th place!… out of six people….errrrrr…….
Heh heh, so yeah, I pretty much LOST (GASP!) but I expected as much. 😀 You see, my hand-eye coordination isn’t really what you would call great… yeah…

But when it comes to have fun, I have fun! And am a good sport so, I don’t really mind losing as long as I have fun! 😉
But when it comes to being GOOD AT sports, all hail Sunny. She won first place (figures) and can beat me in arm wrestling! GAH! (oh god…I just confessed that?? Eee! Pretend you didn’t read that last bit…okay?)

But yes, a sporty little Virgo to the core and I’m her everlasting cheerleader! 😉


Moving on!

Ahhh! My dear fiend Gabo just told me about the coolest mall ever! Haha well, the second biggest in the world. Can you believe it even has a WATER PARK!?!?  Geee… and it’s pretty awesome too, I saw some pictures of it and my jaw dropped. It’s…just….wow!

(Whispers) It’s called Edmonton Mall, in case you want to look it up!

-Big grin- Okay, so before I start dreaming with it, let’s move on to another subject.

OOOH! CERVANTINO! (eh yes, first thing that popped into my mind :D)

Okay, next thing is, (addressing Steph) The Bible class I gave last Friday came out super good thank the Lord! The pastor really liked it and I was able to give my Cervantino Carpa del Destino testimony, PTL!

Yesterday we went to this new restaurant which was really cool. I really liked how they made the place and it is the most recent of the chain of restaurants called China Town.
Ahem, as the name suggests, it is a Chinese food restaurant. Now, I’m not all that thrilled about Chinese food, BUT they had a good Mexican variety and their crispy chicken is delicious! (So is their ice-cream and cookies!!)
The best news was, we got to talk to the owners and they received Jesus into their hearts! PTL! It was really inspiring.
Oh! And in the end, they also put America’s Funniest Home Videos on their super tv’s which was really fun too. Got to have a good laugh along with every other person in the restaurant. I’m telling you, good stuff!

Haha the other day I read this one joke… my reaction was pretty funny, so I’ll tell you about it.

The joke is: Two friends are in a restaurant, randomly talking when one of them says, “You know, I have a problem with an abbreviation and nobody seems to know what the answer is!”

So the friend answers, “How so?”

“Well, I keep asking “Do you know what IDK stands for?” and everybody always answers me, “I don’t know!”

Hahaha well I thought, “Now that’s dumb! I mean, can’t they tell that probably stands for “I don’t care”? ……THEN it dawned on me. “OOOOOOOH! IDK!!! I don’t know! hahahaha!”

Right, so my mind works sorta slow sometimes 😀

Ooooh! Guess what!?!? I’m going to eat PIZZAAAA! My parent’s went to Costco and should arrive any minute with a piece of that delicious stuff for me.

I’m going to go see if they’re here yet.

See ya!


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  1. Flo says:

    Haha, that jokes funny 😀 yeah Sunny is tottally GREAT at sports 😉 oh, yeah sorry Windy but I think everybody can win you in an arm wrestle lol, even Annie! 😛 hehe, Jk

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