I was talking to some of them today and realized how very mucho I .. I miss all you guys!
*gets sentimental and starts crying*
Heh, no, but really, I actually DO miss you guys, the good times we had together, and the cool stuff we did and think, “MAN! I have to see these guys again!” put some fuego en mi vida! 😛

Thank goodness we can always count on the best of friends *points finger at Jesus* who is always there to fill up that empty space that opens up now and then and make us happy all over again!

Heh heh, you know, I had the craziest thought. Wouldn’t it be incredibly awesome if we could all get together, I mean, all of us, somehow, at some point? Wow! Picture that! Haha WILD THINGS ARE ON THE LOSE!
Not to mention, the SPACE that would be needed to host all of us people… PICTURE THAT! Heh heh.

Ahhh but THANK YOU LORD for friends! The world would be so dull without them, don’t you think?

Yes, as you can guess, my parents haven’t returned from Costco yet (BIG question mark, doink?) My tummy has started rumbling (yeah, all we had for breakfast was a bowl of mashed up FRUIT!) *whines* we were supposed to have a sort of brunch at twelve but it’s already 4:38!! Around this time is lunch, and we have a light dinner at around 7:30 or so (sometimes later). Yeah, weird huh?

So, Windy tiene mucha hambre! (yes, very hungry!!!) And can hardly wait to get my hands on that Pizzaaaaa! WHoah!
Okay, so the purpose of writing this was SUPPOSED to have been that I get distracted and don’t think about COMIDA!
Not working.

Well, at least it got me thinking about friends… (how the two relate…I have NO idea!)

Go figure.

Meh… I haven’t done exercise lately! It’s horrible because there really isn’t a whole lot of room (heh, right, who am I kidding?) Well, I mean, there IS room…outside…where all the neighbors can see me… NO WAY!

 (WHAAAAA? OKAY! Jumping from subject to subject here! ) Oh! I have an idea that will be helpful I think!

WARNING! You may get confused or at least wonder “Whaaat?” 
Blog author tends to jump from one subject to the other. Be ye not surprised if she starts talking about food right after writing about how she misses her friends. Breath in and maintain calm. She’ll get to the point someday soon

Alright! *wipes hands together, very pleased at her handiwork* There you have it! Now I won’t get into any trouble since dear readers *points finger* You have been warned!

But still, if you want to continue to visit 😀 I would like that muchisimo! And don’t worry, you’ll find good stuff here from time to time.

*Worried look* okay…I feel veeeerry pressured right now….


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