Hey guys!

Ahhh! I knowwww!

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to post a lot recently.
You see, the reason why is because here the internet is pretty bad, really slow or… just doesn’t work at all! Argh!

But you want to know the real reason?


Yep, we’ve been pretty busy around here … well… sorta.
I mean enough so that our free time is spent napping or eating.

Heh heh, kidding!

I mean, we DO have time, I have time to be on the computer but not enough time to write, considering how slow the internet is… (argh again!)

I probably could have yesterday though, but I had the worst headache ever.
Not like a fever, when even your body is all achy and sore, nope. It was just a reeeeally bad headache. Annoying, but bearable.
I could not stand being in front of the computer, so fellas, you’ll have to forgive me! ūüė¶

Ooooh! Guess what!?!?!

I’m going to heaven today!


Ahem, I mean, my second heaven, not real heaven, cuz if it was the real heaven, I would be gone and that would be… bad news!

I mean, at least, bad for you because I would be enjoying myself to the full! yay!

But that is beside the subject.


Yes, my second heaven: PIZZA STREET! A.k.a = PIZZA BUFFET!!!


Hahaha yes, I absolutely love pizza. SHOOO GUUUUD!

Yes, that was something you absolutely needed to know ūüėČ
(You see, like that next time I see… one of you… you can buy me pizza and be sweet to me! yay!)


So this post is not making sense… (Uh oh! I think I’m running out of things to say!!)
Except that the computer¬†has been nice to me and you’ll be able to see some of the shots I took of Annie! TA DAAAAA!


Oh nooo! It’s isn’t being nice to me (whine!) Sigh, I guess you’ll have to wait till later.

Lord, help me to have patience with this internet!!!!


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