11! GASP!

Whoah! Annie, I can’t believe you’re growing that fast!
I mean, 11! That’s just TWO teeny tiny years away from…




Gasp! (again!)

Oh well, I guess we all have to grow up, some day or another, right? And you’re still a little girl! Yay!…so far…

But always, ALWAYS remember.

No matter how old you get, you’ll always be the baby of our family. AWWWWWWW!

(Hahaha okay! Okay! Don’t hate me!!)

Annie, I love you sooooo much! I hope that all your wishes come true this year and that you’ll grow up to be exactly the person the Lord wants you to be! May you have many, many more birthdays!

Oh! And now, attention directed to everybody. 😀

Here are some shots I took on the day after her birthday a few hours before her party.
You should have seen how stubborn she was! UGH!

Me: Annie! Let me take you some pictures for your birthday!

Annie (sour lemon, as usual): NO!

Me: Pleeeeaaaaase!

Annie: No!

So I trail after her like a puppy, ghost and her shadow.

Me: Come on Annie!

Annie: NO!

Me: Just a few pictures! You’ll help me get Echo points for cultivating a talent!

Annie (tired from my tale of no end): Grrr fine!

Me: Yay! Look, and you can wear that black and white dress Misty brought…

Annie: NO WAY! I am NOT wearing a dress!

I roll my eyes, silently killing Misty for starting that “I hate to wear dresses” onda in our household. “Oh, come on Annie, you don’t have anything else to wear!”

“I’ll wear my pants!”

I gasp, “No! Annie, you can’t do that! It has to be with the dress.”

“Ugh! FINE! But just two pictures.”

I gasp again, what is she thinking? WHAT!? Does she SERIOUSLY think a “photographer” like me can only take two pictures and make them come out good at the first try??? (Sometimes happens, but it’s good to take a few and then chose the best one.)

But you see, I’m smart “Ding!”

I agreed to TWO pictures. BUT two pictures that actually came out perfect, which means, I could take like 20! Hooo hoo hoo hoooo!

So on the day of her birthday I put on a little bit a make up on her, get her dress and UWALA!

Me: Okay, now, you need something around your neck… (I go and look for my super awesome necklaces)

 “No! No way am I going to use a necklace! They’re too uncomfortable.”

 “C’mon Annie! It’s just for the picture.”


ARGGGHHH! “Okay, umm you can wear that little chain one, with the little heart.”


I bargain with her again.

“Okay, Annie, no necklace but I’ll have to take 7 good pictures.”

“You said two!”

“But you won’t wear the necklace. So without it, seven pictures.”



“Ugh, fine!”

Oh the joy of triumph! We went outside, oh it was a beautiful day! And here is what followed. I hope you like them!


 ARGG! oooooh! Sorry guys… the internet is super bad and slow… I’ll try to post the rest of the pictures later because they don’t want to download!… *cry*


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One Response to 11! GASP!

  1. Nikki says:

    oH WOW!!! That’s my little prima annie rose getting older everyday!
    You look so gorgeous annie!
    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have the bestest party ever!!!
    Just don’t have too much fun without me ok? hehe jk
    I love you lots Annie…..

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