Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!

That was how the last game of the world cup was…..I mean, not even WORTHY!


In a way I’m glad Spain won, though in another way I wish Holland had won.
Huh, yeah, I’m pretty pathetic…

But MAN! The players…
So, the game is on, and one of them STARTS to make an exciting move toward the goal and… another player knocks him down! Whaaa????
Poor Holland, its players had soooo many yellow cards…it was …funny! Haha the poor referee, looked like he was playing some sort of card game. Though I DO think the he was a little-teeny-itsy-bitsy bit on Spain’s side, not really fair.

Oh! And that kick in the stomach! Ouch! Poor guy.

All the companies are going to have to think up more ideas for their commercials not related to the world cup, now that it’s over :S

Spain, world champion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

I guess that Paul octopus was right….



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