Okay, I was really confused for a while…

Not to mention, WRONG! VERY wrong…

Okay, for some reason, I heard that Spain had already been kicked out of the finals… though who knows, maybe they lost a game and because of that everybody on FB was freaking out and posting things like, “NOOO SPAIN! How could you!? Why did you lose!?!” etc. Which made me think = “Awww poor Spain, it’s out of the World Cup.”

WELL! Lo and behold, I find Germany is playing against, well what do you know! SPAIN…TOMOOROW!

Yeeeeaaah…as you can guess, I’m not really INTO the World Cup as…cough… most people….so, ahem, behold the reason for my goof.
I’ll have to say, at least I won’t be freaking out about wanting my favorite team to win, cuz honestly, I like both and am both, so I end up winning, no matter who loses!

I personally THINK Germany will win…but funny things do happen!

Let’s just pray the best team wins.


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One Response to Whaaaa!???

  1. Nikki says:

    Ohhh YES!!! i WAS SOO HAPPY! well, heh…I still am. ahem ahem.
    SPAIN WON!!!
    Not that I have any special thing for Spaniards or anything..
    But I really like their Goaleeeeee!!! (he’s so HOT)
    And one of the players a bit 2.
    Anyways…haha everyone else in the home was rooting 4 Germany.
    But Spain played very well. and they put their all into it. They really tried.
    Germany…gosh, I seriously dunno what was wrong with them.
    They didn’t try hard enough.
    I think they thought they were gonna win, they probably underestimated spain.
    It was sad though…the germans were soooo SAD. 😦
    poor guys.

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