Misty’s Graduation Part two

Yaaay! Here it is! Part DOS! (eh two) of Misty’s graduation from Elementary 6th grade! HOORAH!

Haha here’s a super awesome certificate. They had the Versailles (<—  name of the school, follow the arrow, yes! That arrow) globe awards 😉 and along with it came the title for “Cutest boy of 6th grade” haha GUESS WHO!?!?! MY COUSIN!!! YAAAAAY! GOOO ANGEL!

 MAYOR fail though, last name isn’t Gonzales, it’s GOMEZ! HAHAHAHA

Angel rocking out in the song they preformed.

 Twist it.

 Rap it!

 Dance it!

OOOOH! You want to hear a joke!….eh….LAAAAAAAME!
ANYWAY for the sake of those who don’t know the joke.
What is a rabbit’s favorite style of dance?
Hip Hop!

GET IT!?!? like Katrina would say…awww….I think I’m starting to miss her too much… yikes!

 Waiting to be taken to the Limo. YEAH! You heard me, A LIMO! EEEE!




 With her classmates!





Miss famous….riiiight…

Ah! Lucky kids, got to get on a limo..sob sob….
Er, I mean, heh, YAY for them!

And clooooose the door!

Look veeeeerry closely to that window… OOOO! It’s Angel!

OooOooo! The Limooo! Fanc-ey! (how aunty Sarah would say :D)

Take #1 of trying to take a picture with Flo…


Nooow….a weird face….

Oh! yaaay! Normal picture with Flo!


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One Response to Misty’s Graduation Part two

  1. Flo says:

    Ummm..yeah not really normall..me BLINKING!! ughhhh….the annoyance..
    seriously we had like a bye bye party and Victoria and her cousins came over and we were trying to take a group shot….blinked EVERY SINGLE TIME!! geezers..oh well Hahahaha, Major fail! You spelt major wrong!! 😛 hahaha jk

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