You see, much has been happening … these last few days. OH SI! Muchisimo!
That’s why you’ll all forgive me for not posting these last, what has it been? Three or four days?…EEE! Maybe more?

Well, we’ve been going back and forth between Juarez and El Paso doing some school papers and stuff since Misty is graduating from elementary school. (eeeyeah…big deal!) Oh! You want to see her!?? Yes?

Oh! And don’t you worry. I’ll post a post about her graduation soon, in a post near you! Wa Shing!

Also these past umm three days I went to visit my beautiful, wonderful friend Victoria and all her awesome family! I had a great time! TYJ!
Well, I’m sorry this post is sooo short (I am really!) But it’s 11:35pm, I am really, REALLY tired and looking at a bright laptop screen in the middle of a dark room isn’t helping, AT ALL.
But don’t worry, you’ll see those pictures and hear all about my exciting stories soon.
Don’t miss…
The next bit!



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2 Responses to Bonjour!

  1. Misty says:

    HEY! why did u put that pic!?!?! oh well…

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