You WOULD NOT believe what just happened! HUMPH!

Mayor HUMPH okay??

Misty got to go on a motorcycle with my brother here in El Paso…like, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!?!?!
GOSH! Totally unfair..UNFAIR I tell you!

I wanted to go on the motorbike, but they didn’t have enough helmets.
Cry with me please!!!

Oh well, on a lighter note, there was NO wind today and it was majorly HOT.
(shudders) Seriously, if this weather keeps up I’ll have move to Alaska or something where I can eat my ice-cream without it melting in 2 seconds!!! GOSH! seriously, it was 113 out there today! (umm that’s 45 C- I think)

Oh, man…I have to go, cuz it’s late and I’m tired.

See ya!


About Windy

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3 Responses to Argh!…..

  1. Flo says:

    Oh, yes Windy its SUPER hot in el paso…hahaha poor you

  2. sandy says:

    if it were 113 C you would be dead… and if it were 45 F you’d be in like.. semi-cold weather. hahahahahah I think celcius boiling point is 100 C hahaha
    -45C ,113F-
    Ps. darling you’ll get to ride a motorcycle soon, doncha worry I’ll buy one.. its one of my dreams 😛

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