Oh SIII!!!
And it was awesome!
Okay, well, the day before yesterday there was this HUUUUGE storm, incredibly strong, like, NEVER BEFORE!
One minute we were watching an episode on my mom’s laptop, then suddenly a …wow…just…wow-incredibly-strong wind starts blowing and the next minute, BOOM BABY! Lightning, thunder and rain, POURING down by bucket loads! Cree peee I tell you.
Then, to add to the drama, the electricity goes of! GAH! So we start lighting all these candles, (ahem, I have a passion for lighted candles…love them) so imagine my disappointment and irritation, when we had JUST finished lighting the last candle and…THE LIGHTS TURN BACK ON!


Oh well.
My parents then call saying that they would be back really soon. So I get two umbrellas and wait in the porch for them to come so that they don’t get soaked (yes, I’m nice like that :P) AHEM! After a while I see the headlights of the car in front of our house, so I roll up my pants and splish-splashed to the gate.
There is this little hole in it where you stick your hand through to unlock the gate, so I stuck out the extra umbrella and waved it so that my pops would grab it. After a while of standing there my slow mind finally realized, that they were probably expecting my to open the gate! Silly me! So I drop the umbrella and run back inside screaming for the keys. I ran back to the gate, but alas, my dad had already soaked himself and was trying to unlock the gate ( a little hard to do with just one hand) so I yelled over the storm that I had it.
“Well, why didn’t you open it in the first place? Now my tennis shoes are all wet!”

Gulp, EEEE! “Sorry dad!! I didn’t think about it!”

He just laughed.

So I open the gate and my dad walks in. “Huh?” I think.
“Hey, aren’t you going to get the car inside?”

“I can’t, I’ll get completely soaked.”

I look outside and see that a small river of gushing water was forming. “Mommy’s going to drive.” he added.

I froze. “MOMMY!?!?!” I think hysterically.
(Sorry, but, as much as I love and admire her, my mom has NEVER been a “driving” sorta person. )
Suddenly, a thought popped into my mind of how I could save my mom… and our car.

“Hey! I can park it!” I exclaim, remembering I have sandals.

My dad sorta looked at me quizzically so before he could say anything I explained, “I can get in through the co-pilot’s seat and jump into the driver’s seat since the current isn’t so stron on that side and I’m little so I can squish throu.”

He didn’t contradict so I splish-sploshed to the car and opened the co-pilot’s door. My mom was sitting in the driver’s seat, and even though she was painted and it was dark I could see she was pale,
“I can’t do this!”
Her voice sounded stressed.
I explained to her what I was going to do, so she jumps into the backseat and I get behind the wheel.
“Ahh Jesus, help me to park this good.”

Haha I’ll have to admit, after … months of not practising it was sorta scary, but hey! I didn’t crash the car, score??

And now for yesterday! Tan tan tan taaaaan!

Well, we were driving back from a day out fundraising and I had been thinking about our upcoming trip and wondered if I would be able to help my dad drive.
“Hey dad, can I drive…?…” I started voicing my question, I was going to add “a little during our trip?”
But to my amazement, HE PULLED OVER! I stood there in shock for a few minutes till it dawned on me.
“Oh! Right now!?!? Okay, COOL!”

And that started my 40 minutes of driving bliss till we arrived at the city where my dad took over because of the weird traffic there is.

So tadaaaa! That’s what happened, nice huh? πŸ˜€ (HUGE GRIN!)


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5 Responses to Manejando…

  1. Nikki says:


  2. Buggy says:

    Aha! Sweet!!! Gosh u spoiled brat! my dad would NEVER let me touch the wheel …. sigh you little …. πŸ˜€ Love ya!!!

  3. Nala says:

    omg…weird…u had an electrical cut on the same day as me…we had it in the evening..and it stayed dark for like an hour, was fun minus the fact that we dind’t have fans so it was super hot….

  4. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you could drive!!! Cool!! I’d be way too scared to do it! πŸ˜€

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