South Africa vs Mexico

Hahhaha! This was TOO good! I didn’t see the game myself, but a dear friend of mine wrote about the exciting event on her blog, and well, I loved it so much I just HAD to repost it! Hope it keeps you on the edge of your seat as well!!!


Jp and I are watching the world cup right now… South Africa is winning 😦 noooo Go mexicoo!! U can do it!! 1-0 mexico better win…OMGGG nooo oh phew, the South Africans were so close to doing another goal….he aimed badddd…goal pls mexico so CLOSEEEE noooo this guy stole it from Mexicooo! Nooo so close to the goalll!! Oh no pls noooo osuth africa nooo, no no no yes mexico got the ball getting closer, OUT. NOoO, only around 20 minutes left for the Mexicans to do a goallll!! Hurryyy Mexicooo!! South Africans have the ball getting clser to the goal, NNOOOO oh phew it was SO CLOSE to the goal the goalie stopped it!! YESS, South Africa got a yellow card, YES, get 2! Little prayer for mexico, Jesus pls help Mexico to win because if they don’t I will be so mad at mexico and I will hold a grudge against them so for their own good pls help them to win, Amen. So mexico has the ball he passes backwards and the mexicans still ave the ball getting closer to the goal oh no the south Africans are catching up, the mexicans still ave it c’mon getting closer!!….Mexicans out 😡 madnesssss!!! Cmon mexico so close to the goalllll……Out….OF MeXICOOOOO AGAINNNN Javiers fault, he got it out 😡 ok mexico not much time left….I have a feeling that something big is going to happen around….NOW! Yes, a good passsss\ and another pass to another pass to the goallll, NOOOOOOOOOOO mexico that was a perfect shot and you ruines it!! NOoooooOo EH? Whats with the television showing a guy wearing afro hair and big glasses o.O okkkk Oh NO South Africans have the ballllll eekkkk almost goal phew the goalie stopped it noo south Africans have the ball again phew OUT!Mexicans have the ball they are passing it omg so close to the goallll gahhh!! Mexicans have the ball cmon goal, goal!!! huh what happened? No you evil south Africans how dare you! Phew the mexicans have the ball now….cmon cmon cmon !! Already half way through just get it to the goallll!!OMGG< NOOOOO Mexicannnnn!! Too high, the goal isnt that highhh!! UGhhhh, goal yes goal,cmon goal, GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL YESSSSS!!! MEXXICCOOOO roCKKKSKSS to thE CORe YEAHHH GOALLLLL!!! yeaahhhhh!!! Awesomeee!!! Get another oneee!! Just one more to win!!! 1-1 hahah showing the replay the south african, looking so funny oh well, cmon mexico you can do it!! 11 more minutes cmon mexicooo!! 11 minutes to do another goal….mexico has the ball pass to another mexican..noo ye didn’t get it, it is out, south africans have the ball mexicans stole the ball, getting closer to the goal ugh south africans got it omg cmon so close mexico, pass yes EEE !! Almost nooo OUT! no, cmon mexico you can do it you can do it!!9 more minutes mexicooo!! Cmon you gatta do it!! Otherwise you have to do a rematch and that wont be so nice but you gatta do it mexico!! Offside of south africa, yeah, mexico you can do ittt!!eeek so close mecivo yes yes cmon cmon do it do it goal cmpn goal yes pass and goal oh no south africans got it!! Heheh I am not much of a narrarator but yeah wtv bad pass south africa you pass it to the mexicanss OMG OMG OMG GOAL MEXICO YES GOAL, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo so closeeeeeeee you Evil guy who stole it from mexico right b4 the winning shot….yarghhh only 6 minutes mexicooo!! arghhhh, ok go go go go, oh maybe I have to pray again…Dear Jesus, Please pretty please make the mexicans get ONE more goal because they only have 4 more minutes to do one and win so please give them some super speed or something, amen..Yes SouthAfricans foul, free shot of mexicans NO! Ugh so close mexico!! go go go gooo!! Go mexico!pass pass yes goo dpass another good pass good good, good pass noo OUT. ugh, ok 3 more minutess!! AHHHH!! cmon goal mexicoooo!! U can do ittt!! yes cmon cmon cmon ughhhh south africans got itt wait mexicans got it yes great pass good go mexico go go go eekkkk! NOOOOOO so closeeee !! Mexicoo that was SOO close!! Dont worry you can do it!! ahhh 2 more minutes omg south africa almost did a go cmon mexico going closer, closer so CLOSEE!! Ahh almost a shot to the goall! cmon goal nooo omg no no no noOMGGGG YESS the south africans were going to get the goal, it was postt!! YESSSS one more minuteee, or more, phew! cmon mexicoooo!! yes yes yes go go go go goal no no no yes yes yes NOOOOO, almost goal mexico…omg sout africa has the ball and OOOHHH missed itttt phew! time is running out MEXICO! no no no no, ye syes yes cmon goal goal goal mexico so close!!Mexicos out, south africa throws the ball and out. oh oh oh mexico has the ball cmon cmon yes already passed the middle line ooohhh out 😦 cmon close clsoe so close and oh poor referee the ball hit him, oh oh no south africa has the ball pass yes mexico got it no south africa got it back…NOOO GAME OVERR No it cant be mexico was going to winnnnn!!! Noooooo!!! It cant be!! Impossibleee!! NO,NO,NOOOO, 2:30 france is playing with uruguay, NOOO Well pray that if they have a rematch mexico will win ! It cant beeeeee!! Goodbye time to eat breakfast…


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4 Responses to South Africa vs Mexico

  1. Nikki says:

    I know! SO SAD! ayayay!!! estaban a punto de ganar!
    I saw the game!…yes b jealous…(evil grin) :p
    We went to a friends house to watch it…sceaming and shouting…yeah 🙂

  2. Estie says:

    oh well… I didn’t watch it either…. I slept in…. 😀 hehehe
    But.. OMG!! I laughed sooo had at this!!! altho I think its a lil biased on Mex 😛 LOL yay Gp Mexicooooooo…. :d

  3. Flo says:

    hahaha I was just writing random, being silly 😀 writing as I watched 😀

  4. Misty says:

    NOOOO REALLY!??!?! gosh! i didnt know taht flo!!! 😛 haha

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