I woke up today and BAM, it hit me.
“Is today Flo’s b-day??”

I did a mental calculation, starting from Sunday the 6th.
“Yep, DEFINITELY her birthday…”

Sheeesh! What is going on in here!?!?! Everybody decided to turn thirteen this year!
It’s just…


Sigh…but I guess I’ll be a pal and instead of thinking how creepy it is that you areΒ  3-1/2 years younger than me, and how when I’m 19 you’ll still be 16 and totally send me flying into the infinity of “Nooooo! nes” and creepeness because you’ll still be a teen when I’m at the doorstep of my twenties……GASP!!!…I’ll just focus on how cool it is for you to get to grow up, okay?

Wow, breathtaking sentence…

AHEM! Well, let’s start on the first day I saw you: You were walking down the stairs and we were all mouth agape. Gorgous long hair, pretty lips and smile, nice clothes, hippy person… Yep! Total knock out. You almost practically came down in slow motion, like they do in the movies.
Hahaha, here comes the funny part: The next day we were all looking around for you at our breakfast table so I asked this little girl with a bun and baggy clothes,
“Hey, do you know where that super pretty girl is that is around 11-12, has long dark hair?…”

“That would be me.” you answered.


Sigh, you were an awesome roomate and an example to follow. HOW did you do it?!!? Seriously, getting up as soon as the alarm clock rang while we still lay there, pulling the covers over our heads…
Secreto porfavor!!!!

OH! And your LISP! OMG! It’s the cutest thing everrrrrrrrrrr! Awww I miss it so much, OH OOOOH! I get to hear it soon, score?

I miss you soooooohooo much Froncha! You’re like, my best little yellow friend ever! Have a totallyawesomesuperfunandinspiringtotallythebest birthday ever okay???

(who likes my newly invented word, say AYEEEE!)

Wish you THE very best! Have lots of fun. Play football. Find a cute boyfriend (in the future of course) get married (future) have cute kids (future, yep) and have a really awesome life serving Jesus!!! okay?

I love youuuu!
Forever and ever.



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5 Responses to FRONCHAAAAAAAA!

  1. Nikki says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLO!!! WOW…freak out….i thought i was older than you! πŸ™‚
    Look at my skype message…yes?!
    I loves you soo much! Have the bestest birthday ever!!!!! without me 😦

  2. Flo says:

    Ok, Nikky thanks! Ayyyeee!! Hahaha no secret, just get up, and yeah…though when u guys left I usually slept until 8:20 hahaha now I am waking up earlier though….Aww thanks Windy! 2 sweet! Thanks for calling! hehehe I just realized ur that older than me!! yeah poor u, ur getting old.. πŸ˜› Hehe jk, well thanks again!

  3. Misty says:

    Haha! yah flo i agree with u! windys getting OLD! haha πŸ˜› i know when i first saw u u were like super pretty!! (of course u are still now) but that day i was like Humph! jealuosy battles going on here!! haha happy birthday flo!

  4. Noelle says:

    Happy birthday!!!!!!! I forgot to tell u on skype even though we were chatting about it. Like, HELLO…….
    I was being a serious BLONDE yesterday!! Love u!

  5. Flo says:

    Ahahah, thanks Noelle!

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