“PROM!” The zecond

Ah heh, yeeah….
the reason why “Prom” is in between quotation marks is because… it wasn’t like a prom, prom (one of the reasons: 11-14 year olds were there too.)
Basically, they just called it that to make it sound special. Tan, tan.

WHOOOOOO! BUT! (…a BIIIIIIIIG BUT) even if it would have been the worst, crappiest, horrible..est party in the history of the PLANET, I would have still been happy.
Know why.

That’s why!

Let me start…where else? At the beginning.

Well, my day during the morning was…regular I guess you could say. As a normal Sunday I went painting faces with my pops at a Mega from 11 a.m. till 4p.m.


Pffft! It’s so retarded! When it’s supposed to fly, it crawls, and when it’s supposed to crawl…IT FLIES!
Like, what’s up with that?

Here are some pics of when we just arrived at the Pedregal, which was hosting the “Prom”

Memo, Whatta’ studd!


Oh my goodersness! My sister is getting HOT! heeee… I love you ma’ girlies!


Sigh…this was before my super-duperly awesome hairstyle went POOF! ..hugs..yeah…


Anyway, this was my thought pattern for those last days and hours.

“Geeee! In just TWO days, I’m going to see Sandy, Steph and Maria!”

“Holy crow! Tomorrow I’m going to see the girls!”

“Ahhh! Think! In just four hours I’m going to see Sandy, Maria and Steph!!!”

In the car, “OMGoodness! In just a few hours I’m going to see them!”

At the doorstep to the Pedregal, “EEEEEEEE! I’m going to see them so soooon!”

Once inside,
“Man! They’re not here yet, but I bet they’ll be here any minute now…”

Noelle, “Oh look! Here comes the Morelia team.”

Me, (turns around head and looks at the door excitedly) “Oh my God! Where?!?!?!”

Then, we all see each other.


Screams, hugs, kisses, squishes… I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing my girlies!!!

“Come to mamma babes!”

“Sandyyyyy!” I squealed. “Goodness! It’s true! You’re cheeks are the squishiest things ever!”

Steph, “See, SEEE! I TOLD you!!!”

Two of the most awesome girls in the world!


Wu la laaaa! Misty looks SOOO NICE!…I’ll say.. (Just…just, que no se te suba a la cabeza, okay?) 😀


Huh? Cute guy you said? WHERE!?!?!


Oh look! And there’s Nina and Susie!
OMG! Their curls, OMG! OMGOD OKAY???


Like, you pull on them and *DOING* they go back in place, SOOO fun! heee



Wahahaha! This picture rocks the planet to the core!


Wit me awesome chicas! I miss youuuuu!


Wannabe models…yes?

Man, I just KNOW that when I’m an old grandma I’ll look back at these and say, good times, good times…





Ahhh! My beauties!


Rocking out the place with Mr. Bean moves!






More baile!


ermm…I dunno, but I’d say Noelle looks… bored?
Good boy Memo! Entertain your sister! 😉


Pretty Tias! Sniff…ya las extrano! Gracias por traer a las chicas!


The most romantic dace ever!
-Sandy Goyer.
Hahaha there is a STORY behind this picture, oh yep!
We (Sandy, Steph, Maria, etc.) were standing in the middle of the …”ballroom” AHEM! And suddenly the song of Beauty and the Beast starts playing. There was a little bit of hub bub in the room, so I didn’t really think as I yelled, “OMG! I love this song!”
You see, JUST as I said that, suddenly as if by magic or conspiracy, the whole room went quiet and my voice came out a little louder than it was supposed to…so yeah… AWKWARD! eeekkk!

Ta daaaaa!

Whohooo! Pretty girls! Hermosas!

Fountain picture!
Poor Sandy, she ended up all by herself 😦

My dear!
…Whoah, like WHOAH! ..I’m like, WHITE!…


SQUISH!!! Favorite picture of them all! I miss you my babes! I’m glad I got to see you!


Oh my, these girls are just…so beautiful!
Yeah guys, (those of you who didn’t go) you missed out, BIG TIME 😀

Oh, yes, while I’m at it.

To be continued…


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7 Responses to “PROM!” The zecond

  1. Nikki says:

    You girls look amazingly beautiful!
    i loveee you gorgeous!
    Awww i’m so mad at me…i brought my camera to the prom and i didn’t even use it!
    haha I’m so dumb

  2. Flo says:

    Looks so cool! Hahaha Noelle totally does look bored in that picture 😀

  3. Misty says:

    Haha yah she does… i think we WERE bored! hehe ya its cus around the end of the party it was real boring so im not sure if it was at that time.. oh well it was a super fun party anyways! but of course! without ME the party would havfe been SOOOO boring!! hehe JK!

  4. Nikki says:

    Maaan…I didn’t get pics on anyone’s camera

  5. Noelle says:

    U WISH Misty!!!!!!!!!! jk! Hahaha! I do look extremely bored but yeah……….ahem..
    Everyone was sooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!
    Love u Windy!

  6. Estie says:

    Gasp!! sigh…. I tried hard… really really hard NOT to look at these pictures…. -eyes them with jealousy- Bwaaahhh!!! i was supposed to be there!! i was i was!!! :(( wealll i guess you had much funners without me huh? -hump-

  7. Susan says:

    It looks like so much fun!!! You girls are all so pretty!!

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