Push ups?



Today “dancing class” was pure arm exercise! My arms were literally dead after it… SERIOUSLY!!! GAAAAAAAAH!
I think I’ll just let you read what happened.

We arrived at the studio, and like about 15 minutes later started the class because we were waiting for the other members of our class….t
urns out, we waited in vain as they didn’t come in the end, sigh. (lucky them…maybe they have “future-telling” powers! OH!)
So me, Lena, Alex and this other girl started our grand arm exercises. (I blame our suffering totally on the girl, it was HER idea to do the arm exercise thingys)

We streached,
Weight lifted till we could lift no more,
Did more than 100 dips (different styles each set of 30 and 25)……

WHOOSH! My arms were pooped, BIG TIME.




Ah, I sank down to the floor, content with myself. I had done the last set of dips and me and Lena sat next to each other, totally exhausted.

“If he makes us do pushups, I’m killing him.” Lena exclaimed.

Ugh! Lo and behold our teacher stacks up three boxes in the back and two in front of him and says,
“Okay, you’re going to put your feet on these three boxes and hold on to this other box in front of you, you’re going to do five push ups with two boxes under your hands and another set of five with just one.”

Me and Lena look at him in shock silence.
Finally I turn to her with a despair smile on my face,

“How about we kill him together?”


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3 Responses to Push ups?

  1. Nikki says:

    Hahahahahaha….I’m sorry about your arms…Made for a wonderfully hilarious story though! lol
    Lena goes to dance classes as well?

  2. Misty says:

    Yah she does… ok iknow the q was not for me but ya why not?!?! haha

  3. Estie says:

    Yeeess lets kill the dance teacherr!!! hahah um…. better not 😛

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