Today I walked into my sister’s room and found my sister looking for some clothes. We started talking and suddenly, it dawned on me…
I panicked and pulled her toward the mirror, could it be possible?

It was.

Misty is now officially taller than me!!! She’s frigging’ taller!!!
That’s not fair…I’m older, humph!
Sigh…I’ll miss not having to look down at her…
I mean, HOW on earth am I supposed to correct her while she’s towering over me…I would feel, weird. Seriously, this is going to far!

Or should I say, “growing” to far?


About Windy

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5 Responses to Hight?

  1. Nikki says:

    Ummm…I have to admit, she’s been taller than you for like a year
    But yup! Ask my mom, she probably feels awkward too…correcting me.:P

  2. Misty says:

    actually nikki.. no i havent been taller than her… we were around the same size but now i AM taller!!! AAAAHH! Im reakin out man!!!!!! gosh! oh well atleast she wont look down on me anmore… snicker snicker! haha

  3. Sandy the cooollestt! says:

    Wuahaha! I know the feeling! Aww windy, you’re soo precious. I was talking to Steph and I gotta agree with her. I love your style of writing, haha I relive everything with you. don’t worry, it happens… sigh Kids grow like the grass of the fields, and annoy you like a mosquito seeking….food. WOW! I”m soo poetic! hahaha I love you WIndyyy! wuuaaah! I can’t belive I’m gunna meet you! -jumps up and down- HYAYAYAAYAYYAAYY! Sigh.. sorry I just can’t contain my excitment
    I”m seriously counting the days 😛 LOVE YOU!

  4. Misty says:

    HEY! im not annoying!!! im THE coolest EVER! 😛 ull see when u see me at the prom! haha windy talks A LOT about u! seriously! haha

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