Family Photos…

Last week mom gave THE most relieving announcement:
“Okay girls, so on Tuesday we’re going to go have our family picture taken…”

Girls: “WHAAAT!??!?”


Everybody looks over at me like a weirdo.

“Okay, I’m TOTALLY not related…” Misty rolls her eyes.

“Whatever!” I retort, then turn back toward my parents with a goofy horse grin on my face, “It WAS about time! I’m glad you all finally took my advice.”

Everybody then turns toward our old family photo. I look at that photo for the 20th thousand time. A smiley twelve-year-old face looks back at me…




Long messy hair
Corny hairstyle
Bushy eyebrows
Ear sticking out
and that HORRIBLE turtle neck shirt under my dress….

I shudder, YEP! DEFINITELY need a new family picture!
Ahhh…wonderful Thursday….

OOOHHHH! ANNOUNCEMEEEEENT! Ahem, now that we’re on the subject, Sunny asked my mom if I could pluck her eyebrows for the picture AND since prom is coming….
Yesterday Sunny came out looking like a new creature!!!
(ahem…okay, not THAT drastic, she looks pretty all the time)

After I finished with her, I got my dress on and ran (…if that’s even possible when wearing high heels…) toward the house to finish getting ready.

I burst through the door and meet my mom’s eyes which are opened wide. “WINDYYYY! You’re not ready yet…..?” “Again” probably passed through her mind.

“Oh, sorry, I’ll be ready in just a sec.”

“Do you know what time it is? It’s 5:35 and we’re supposed to LEAVE at 5:45!”

I run to the bathroom. “I’ll be ready! I promise!!!”

“That’s why I need to start getting ready since 4:20…” I think while answering the question Lena asked me while I was doing Sunny’s eyebrows.


“Hurry up!”

“I’m coming!” I yell as I “run” and quickly jump inside the car. “Whew, made it!”

Okay, well…once inside many “Stand up straight’s” “Move your head this way” “Stand over there” “Move over a little” and “SMIIIIILE!” took place.
Finally, it was over and we all ran to see how pro we looked. The pictures turned out super nice… I’ll have to show them to you sometime.

Not soon though, we just found out, they’ll be ready June 27th…BUMMER!

Oh well, patience…patience…


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2 Responses to Family Photos…

  1. Nikki says:

    Aww..I’m sure she looks fab!
    Waiting anxiously for the pics….

  2. Misty says:

    YAH! and I was THE prettiest of them ALL!! hahahaha 😛 jk jk! but ya i think we looked good! hehe

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