Anthropology Museum

EEEE! I did it you guys I did it!!! I have FINALLY finished posting all the pictures of our excursions! You can be proud of me now! 😀 Weeehoo! I feel so acomplished heee

Again, for our class on Mexican history we went on yet another excursion, joy!
(I have 2010 copyrights from Sam on that word, alright?)
It was really fun and this time our teacher took us all the way tooooo Mexico City! Ay ya yay!

Okay, so on the outskirts of the museum were these two guys who were dancing with Aztec costumes and everything. Of course we all thought it was a neat idea, so we went closer to watch. Then IIII had the grand idea of getting closer to the guys to get a picture shot, and the CREEPIEST, AWKWEIRDEST thing in the history of my life happened.
So, I aim my camera to one of the guys dancing who was facing my way more and JUST as I’m getting ready to take the picture he stops dancing, picks up a little leather pouch to collect donations and walks TOWARD ME.
Seeing this I took a few steps backward but he kept walking right at me till he was about 10 inches from my face! GAH! Most of the time I was looking at him through the camera but when he got the closest I looked right at him, felling the surprise all over my face as I realised how close he actually was to me, it was then that he turned around and went to different people asking for donations.
I can remember that all the while this, ahem, situation was happening  TWO thing were going through my mind.
Number one: “Oookaaaay! What’s going on here!?!?”
And number two: “Darn it! Take the picture already you retarded camera!”
Sigh… and no, no matter how many times I pressed the “shoot” button, that camera DID NOT take the picture! Sheesh! You could think that it could have at least done that for all the surprise that guy gave me.
I sorta stumbled back to my group, a little shaken my the “experience” only to find half the kids laughing! humph!
Lena was like, “HAHAHA WINDYYY! You had the most shocked expression on your face!!!”
Oh well, PTL. though I will admit that was the MOST awkweird experience of my life.

OH MY GOODNESS! THESE GUYS! Whoosh! Almost gave me a heart attack while I was praying that none of them would fall. That one particular man climbing up you see was….OLD! Seriously, around 70 or 60 I would say. He climbed up what looked like a 4-5 story high pole…without falling!…something that WOULD have most probably happened to me. My teacher did remind me these guys have been doing this for years and obviously knew what they were doing to my cries that there was no cushy bottom in case they fell.

Yes, so this is what they do! Pretty cool huh?

… though, I think after all those turns and doing it every hour or so would definitely send my stomach reeling.

I would like to bungee jump sometime though 😀

Group shot. Here we are at the entrance of the museum as you can see by the title behind us.

Cool cave paintings.

fossilized mammoth

Okay guys, remember all those movies of ancient America? El Dorado cartoon and stuff???

Not exactly sure what this is…


Awww look! He want’s a kissie!!!


Quetzalcoatl which means, “Feathered Serpent”


And WHO said people didn’t use glasses in those days??? 😛


Rrrwarrr! Sexy! Oh wait… it’s just stone…


The Sun Stone (gets confused as the Aztec calendar)


This is how it’s supposed to look like.


WHEEEHOOO! I’m standing in front of an old millennial stone!  Aha! Oh yeah!


Okay, so I really like how this picture came out! (isn’t the lighting just awesome?)
The reason why the other pictures are so junky is that I used this pretty old/not good camera that an aunty lent to me because silly Windy left her camera battery charger at her cousin’s house!
… so yeah, no full battery, no camera, no nice pictures.

Blurry, and I look creepy. But just to give you an idea of the ENORMOUS head-dress this one Aztec king used.


Awesome Serpent.


My dad near a HUGE Olmec head.


Ehh… weird character…




This is the Urna god Cocijo. God of rain and thunder.


And now, for the cutest characters yet!

It’s like if he’s saying, “Hug me!!!”


And now, to end this super exciting post: an amazing building.

Oh well, hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did! For more, go to my sister’s blog sometime this week as they’ll be uploading more pictures of this excursion.

So long!


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3 Responses to Anthropology Museum

  1. Flo says:

    Looks cool, haha “really cute”.

  2. Shelly says:

    hey, by the way, the Olmecs made the giant heads, not the toltec.

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