There has been a lot of action here recently. One of the families we live with in our missionary center (a.k.a “home”) is… LEAVING!….TODAY!  GASP!
Yes, they shall be missed, though, no offense PLEASE! I really won’t miss their whiny 2-year-old kid. I mean, I LOVE kids… WHEN they aren’t spoiled and whiny… Oh yeah, and also, WHEN THEY DON’T LIKE ME!
Can you BELIEVE THAT??? For some strange reason, Dylan NEVER liked me…humph! I dunno, maybe my first hello was too scary and creepy for him, or maybe, he didn’t like me because I corrected him… who knows..sigh…
Hahaha, his mom says the reason why is that he’s shy with me because I’m too pretty. HA… HA… suuuuuuure…..
(I personally think it has to do with my freakish personality like screaming ” WHAT’S UP DYLLAAAN M’ WILLAN!?  EEEE Let me pinch those cheeks!!!” which sends him of running for his life with a “noooooooooooooo!”)
AHEM… so yeah

I’ll miss Cielo too. She’s fun, and many of you know her cuz she became super famous after my little “Limmy the Lemon” post. I have ONE word to describe her. She’s SCARY hahaha KIDDING! more like, crazy I guess oh and also too foolish sometimes.
She also has INCREDIBLE issues with my cheeks, BIIIIG TIME! She squashes them, pinches them, shakes them around, anything you could possibly do to torture cheeks, she does it! Oh, and she’s probably the person who has given me more hugs in a day except for Maria. And always, ALWAYS want’s to eat me for breakfast! Whaaa???….
So yeah, what more is there to say that…I’ll miss her…

I think… 😛

Oh and also to add to the batch, LYNETTE, LYNETTE IS MOVING!!!


Seriously… I got SOOOOO depressed when she told us in H.C. I almost started crying. BUT she comforted me saying that she needed to finish school here first, so she wasn’t planning on moving for some time. SHEESH! Why did she need to scare me that way?? I thought she was moving to China or something…

NOW it turns out, she’s going with her parent’s for a week, THEN will move to another home. GAH! Even though it IS in the same city, I won’t be able to see her everyday! WHAAAAAA!
This is TRAGIC…she’s like basically the only cool person left in this home humph!

Besides her, 2 more people are leaving, which means folks… OUR HOME IS GETTING SMALL! …sigh…

So yeah, BIG changes on the move. I will most probably be changing rooms because my room, as cute as it is, is really getting HOT. EWWW! I lie down and it’s like if my bed had been warmed up by a heater (shudders) …. yeeeaaaah… as you can see I don’t really like heat. NO SIREEE!
So yeah, that’s sorta of an update on things here…
OOOH! And in a upcomming post I will tell you of our exciting adventures at an Anthropology museum, which was totally cool!
(heee yeah, so I write these type of things so that I’m FORCED to post them 😉 )

See ya!


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3 Responses to Changes…

  1. Flo says:

    Aww yeah I heard from Misty, how sad..for you of course

  2. Nikki says:

    AWWW cielo’s moving!?
    Oh well atlast Dillan will begone! whew
    lol jk…I’M SO MEAN!
    Lynette is so awesome!!
    Who are the other 2 ppl?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Awww Windy! hahh You’re so cute! I wanna hug you tight RIGHT now. Man..all that moving and leaving, I so know the feeling..haha u made me laugh tho 😀 I hope someone reaally cool moves in to your home and that you get a gigantic fan all for yourself or something -if you don’t change rooms..but you probably will no? if there’s so much free space now that ppl are leaving..humm -frowns-
    It’s all for the better, all for the better! See it this way if you ever miss her pinching your cheeks 😛 I’ll run to you soon and pinch them for her!! Wuahahaha :-*! :>

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