To Beauty…

You know, today as I was riding home with dad I suddenly realized that I NEVER did post a post for your birthday!!! GAH! What sorta’ of a freak sister am I!?!? I wrote on your facebook, but that’s about it, and really, just that for YOU? Nope, you definitely deserve more.

You are, after all, my biggest, eldest sister. The pretty one who I always wanted to be like when I was a kid. My life revolved around, “Oh, you guys know?? MY sister BEAUTY did this!” “Oh, I want to do that just like Beauty.” “Sigh…Beauty is so pretty…” “I’m going to make this for Beauty.” “Oh look! That’s pretty! I should buy it for Beauty!”

Haha, yeeeah…I guess you could say I was sorta obsessed.
Beauty, I have SO many wonderful memories with you it would probably have to take a whole book to write them all down. Since I was around 4 till I was 12, I was your biggest fan, and you my biggest role model.
I can’t believe how time has gone by…I can’t believe your 22! I can’t believe that even though I know you are a big girl now, you still seem to stay that 14, 15, 16, and 17, year old that I love so much! It’s funny because I don’t really see you as an adult, only as my sister, but still…it’s weird because, I mean, you DO seem older, but at the same time, it’s like if you’ve stayed young…
I’ll have to say, I’m jealous, AND I hope it’s the same way with me 😀

Another year has gone by and I can hardly wait for when we can see each other again! I really hope that this year is full of blessings, love and joy for you and that you will be able to grow even closer to the Lord and keep on being that wonderful sister that you are to me.
I love you so much Beauty and am praying for you! Sorry this couldn’t be sooner, but, better late than never right? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY!!!


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One Response to To Beauty…

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow…she’s beautiful!
    This is the 1st picture I’ve seen of her…
    I don’t know you but…Happy birthday Beauty!

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