School Excursion

 Again, for our Mexican history class our teacher took us up to the mountain’s of Tepoztlan and the surrounding town. That place has so much history and the scenery is simply breathtaking. Here are some pictures of it. 

All the group!……me…yucky poo…


Pretty Misty…sigh, I love how this photo came out, I didn’t have to fix it either!


City of Tepoztlan down below…from above it was simply breathtaking!


Popocatépetl Volcano


My pretty sisters!




 Pretty Misty…..WHOAH! Happy Misty…….SHE’S ACTUALLY SMILING! GAAAH! Go down through History man!


A mural telling a local folk story.

The amazing thing is that….

It’s made out of SEEDS!


Local Church.


Pictures I took…

This wall painting…..(gah…the name of the tecnique just slipped my mind…), is over 200 years old!



Hey guy! Picture! CHEEEZE! Click. Perfect


Another seed mural.




OooooOOOOOoo! Ghost hand???

Ha! Nope, it’s just my shadow 😀




At an Ice-cream shop.
(see the hint??? They’re like saying, “Eat our ice-cream…..OR ELSE!… we shall unleash the dancing skeletons on you! MUAHAHAAHAHA……ha…..err……)

Yeah, hello world!

I’m eating the best Strawberry/nut ice-cream in the world! HAA! Be jealous!


This ice-cream place is called Tepoznieves. It’s really amazing, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It did NOT look like your regular ice-cream shop….

This place was amazing, and HUUUGE! There were SOOO many different types of ice-cream. They basically make ice-cream out of every food possible… even ZUKINNI!YUUUUUUUCK!!!
 (ahem, yes, so I DON’T know how to write that vegetable…just recently I found out it’s called “zukinni” no squash…ugh!) Check out the pic….there’s ELOTE TOO!…..

Haha, who’s in for Tequila ice-cream?

And how about with some lemon in it?


heh heh heh…BUSTEED! (you can still see some ice-cream flavors on the wall)


I really, really like this picture…dunno…don’t ask why…


Hiya girls!


More girls! EEEEK!


It’s okay, anorexic’s need love too…. 😀


Windy: Hey! Want to dance tango?
Skelita: NO! I REFUSE!
Windy: Awww come on! It’s not every day a pretty girl like me walks up and wants to dance with you! SHEESH!…..FINE! IGNORE ME THEN…..
(Stomps away angry, grumbling to herself) …PFFT!…Skeletons these days….

I spy with my little eye….OOooooOOOooo! What’s dat!




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8 Responses to School Excursion

  1. Flo says:

    Haha I was going to post a comment with a message to Misty, Smile sometimes in pictures ja? It will do you some good 😛 I was gonna say it for a joke Untill I saw the pic with her smiling 😀 ya estoy satisfecha 😛
    Oh and I have been telling you for ages that its called zuchinni not squash!! Sheesh you dont beleive me and you beleive someone else o_O supspicious 😛 jk
    looks like tonz of fun! Btw my mom just arrived to Japan

  2. Estie says:

    Coolers foolers! ahha (just invented that btw 😉 ) hehe that looks like fun!! Oh oh i want a tequila con limon pleese! :D:D Hhaha i so have to try that one! aha take me there and i’ll get us a liter of it hoho! 🙂 Love youu!

  3. Estie says:

    Hahah skeletons these days 😛

  4. Nicole says:

    Looks like Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!
    Hey Windy…remember?…I’m a cooow!
    lol…memories, yah I know skeletons…ugh it’s like if they didn’t even have a heart! Or a brain for that matter. haha
    Lena, You look so Gorgeous! Love u heaps Noella!
    Awww That nasty skeleton…Windy is like the prettiest EVER!
    like…get a life!

  5. Nala says:

    Tequila icecream..woman u need to take me to that place! i’m jealous, o btw u look awesomely sexii in the last pic…luv it 😀 ;;)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Tango!! me loves you Winds! :-*

  7. Nicole says:

    Awesome…Misty is smiling!
    Gosh…que milagro mas milagroso lol
    You look soo PRETTY MISTY!

  8. Misty says:

    Haha i Do so smile! so ya its not such a BIG deal OK!?!?! ya it was a fun day! I know! i didnt know they had tequila until i had ordered mine! 😦 i would have chosen that one! 😉

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