Yes, yes, yes.

I bet you’re all wondering where I have been this past week. Well, I was working!

Ahem, of course not working like, a JOB, but we had several events for these past weeks since it was Children’s Day month and all. Shall I tell you about it?
Hmmm….Naaa…. I’m to lazy. So you’ll just have to be content with a fifty word post.


Nyahaha, so, where were we?


Well, I’ll tell you the highlights SOME of our shows.

Show at a Christian church.

  • Had to wait TWO HOURS before starting the show. Reasons: Praise time-45 minutes, the preacher preached for one WHOLE hour! (not that it was bad or anything, just that he repeated himself so much and gave a sermon he could have easily given in half of that time.) Prayer time-15 minutes.
  • It was HOT! I was boiling!
  • We left a stand there.
  • Now for the good news!!!: We won about around 300 souls!
  • Sold a good amount of our material
  • Everyone really liked it!

Hospital del Niño Morelense. (Morelense Children’s hospital)

  • Well, there one thing that stood out was that we had JUST started our show when suddenly, “Aqui viene la presidenta municipal! Fuerte el aplauso!!!” (Here comes the mayor’s wife! A big round of applause!) Again, it wasn’t like, BAD, it’s just a little annoying when you are interrupted cuz you’re all excited and getting into the grove of the show …
  • Helped pass out toys to the sick children that the Mayor’s wife had gotten for them.
  • Prayed with the kids, their moms and the nurses.

Show with the DIF Municipal de Cuautla ( A show with the city government of Cuautla)

  • Realised we lost a small speaker. (probably left it at the hospital 😦 )
  • The sun was SO strong. It wasn’t exactly super duper hot, (even though it sayed we were at 100 degrees) but the sun was really, really strong. The floor was so hot we could have probably fried an egg there. (let me highlight, the floor was so hot, our feet were literally burning!)
  • Were interrupted again, just as we had started,  to present the mayor’s wife (a different person though.) Thankfully, this time it was quick.
  • The song, The Time to be Happy stopped, and skipped back! …oh boy…
  • On the rock in the road my dad tripped and disconnected a cable that connected the laptop to the sound system. Yes, for a few seconds the story kept on going without sound so it was sort of hard to quickly get things in the proper order again.
  • When the king is sneakily putting the rock in the road, HIS CAPE FELL OFF!!

Well, thankfully that is all the “bad news” for that one.

  • We won around 1 500 souls!
  • Gave away like 100 tracts

And now, the most recent. Our show in San. Bartolo, Puebla which is a poor community. I think this was the show where at the end of the day I really have been the most exhausted. The thing is the day before (Sunday) was my cousin’s party which was all the way in Mexico City. To avoid traffic and enjoy the day there we woke up at 7:50 a.m. and arrived there at around 10:30. They invited us to a show that they had an I ended up going so I could take pictures. After we came back home was the party which lasted till 11 p.m. which means we arrived home at one o’clock in the morning! The next day we had to wake up at 7:30 a.m. arrived there at 10:00 a.m. waited like around two hours before starting our show, did our show, prayed with the kids and adults, passed out drinks, snacks, posters and tracks and said hi to all the kids and parents.
After the show this really sweet family invited us over to their “kitchen” (composed of pieces of wood, cement blocks, plastic bags and metal boards) for a delicious lunch= The best tortillas in Mexico and some yummy chicken in red sauce.
By the time we came back home it was 4:40 p.m. Me, Alex and Lena had barely enough time to get ready for our dancing class, but we made it! Of course we were all super tired, so imagine our joy when our teacher decides to give us the hardest (ahem, “active) warm up/work out of the week before starting on the moves! I was DYIIIING! But thank the Lord that ended soon and we started on the Michael Jackson steps of “Beat it”! …..heh… yeeeaaah….

So as you can see, it was a FULL day. Last night I literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. 
Today is more like a rest day because of the hectic schedule we’ve been having so I’m getting some good time to get all rested up! 😀

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll post about Nikky’s party later on…I just won’t be able to download all the pics…and it’s dinner already so…see ya!


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  1. Misty says:

    jaasj yah and in the christian church there was like 3 boys huddled all over windy asking here all these type of questions! it was soo funny! me and lena were just there laughing quietly to the side!! 😉

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