Could you ever imagine life without children? I certainly couldn’t!
No laughter? No dirty fingers to wash, no small hands, sticky with ice-cream to clean? No marvel about the smallest critters, the pretty flowers and breathtaking sky. No little feet running towards you, no little hands to hand you a daisy, no little lips to tell you, “I got this for YOU!” 

No small fingers to cares your face, no little mouth to say, “You are so beautiful!” No arms to hug you or little gentle eyes and faces full of sincerity as they say, “I love you!” 

It’s amazing the difference children make in our lives… and… actually, there would be no grownups without them, we were all children at one time or another.
On this special day, their day, I want to wish you all our dear children of the world the very best and a life full of joy and special moments! You definitely deserve it!
After all, you are the ones that make our lives special in even the smallest ways!


About Windy

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