(Gasps for breath!!!) Holy cow Nikky! How can you be THIRTEEN? SO not fair! I’m three years older which means that when you’re still a happy seventeen year old I’ll be twenty….TWENTY! Creepers….that makes me…gulp, OLD!

I mean, GEESH! I can still remember you when you were a wee babe…. you where WHINY! and had the second squeakyest voice in the history of the planet! (ahem, Sunny’s is the first) But you were also very sweet.
Hahaha I still remember that one story my grandma told me about you and Shannon.
One day at her house in Zamora she passed by the kitched and peeked though the screen door that looked over to her back patio and saw you and Shann both sitting on little stools and hugging each other.
She though, “Ohhh! They’re so sweet!” and walked away thinking what wonderfully loving grandaughters she had. A few minutes later she went back into the kitchen and to her surprise found you both in the SAME possition she had seen you in minutes before.

“Now that’s odd.” she thought.
So she went to your mom and told her the story and how you two were STILL hugging each other.

“Oh yes,” Your mom answered, “They were fighting with each other and I told the that they would have to stay sitting that way till they forgave each other and agreed to play nicely.”


Anyway, you’re not a three year old anymore, YOU’RE A DECADE OLDER!…doesn’t that word make you feel…old? 😛
Have a super wonderful year Nikky and realy, really, really, REALLY enjoy it. I’m not kidding! Soon you’ll see that years pass by fast and you only have ONE opportunity to enjoy them, so, enjoy it! Si?

I love you sooooo much and am so glad I got to be there for your party! (sigh…so fun!)



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One Response to EEEEEKKK!!! THIRTEEN!?!?!

  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks Windy! LYL
    lol I had never heard that story before…hahaha

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