Better Late than never: To my Love

After getting convicted about writing this the other day by a special person, (hey special person! You know who you are :D) I decided I finally would.

Ahem, well, a little briefing of the story behind this: I wrote this in December after coming back from seeing New Moon (see who tells you that movies don’t have an effect on you?) and also cuz my mom wanted me to write down what I learned from the movie etc. I got into such a loving Jesus mode and just had to write it down on paper and this is what came out:

(PS if you hate the Twilight saga, just um…imagine Romeo and Juliette then…or…. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony or something okay?)

Here it goes:

Jesus, I just finished watching New Moon, and you know, it reminded me sort of like you.
You are my Edward Jesus. Without you my days would be dead, without meaning. The nightmares of life would go on and on without the comfort of knowing that everything will be okay because you are here with me. I love you so much! The world can look at it like crazy, just not normal.
But I’m afraid I can’t be normal to their eyes, especially when I am with you. Like Bella and Edward, we just can’t live without each other. You are the reason I am alive. The reason my heart beats. The reason to laugh, to live and to love.
Logic cannot explain it, a love that is beyond this dimension cannot be explained. You are the reason TO BE ALIVE. Life wouldn’t be life without you.
The way you love me is unexplainable, and that you do is undeniable. And yet, how could you love a little nothing like me? A human, with all my frailties and who never will be perfect. Someone who continually makes mistakes and that will never be able to reach your level of perfectness. Yet, besides of all my weaknesses, you love me. You…you love…ME!
And knowing this comforts me knowing that you will never leave me. That you will always be here when I need you and that you will never hurt me, and that, as little as I am, I am worthy of your attention, of your love. Knowing that I don’t have to be perfect to deserve you goes further than any of my wildest dreams.
You died for me…ME! You went through all that suffering and pain, you took it all so that I wouldn’t have to and so that I could have eternal life and spend forever with you. This amazes me and makes me to want to love you all the more.
Maybe for others it doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t have to. You and I are together, as one.
You love me….
And that is enough for forever.

Happy Birthday My Love!


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4 Responses to Better Late than never: To my Love

  1. Flo says:

    I liked the message but please, Twilight? I go to this site where people who have nintendo”s go to, and a news article was like, who thinks there should be a game of twilight? All the girls wanted one, and all the boys didn’t. lol 😀

  2. Meg says:

    awww Windy…hehe it’s so cute how you made a loving jesus thing from New Moon~ ❤ You worded everything so perfectly;) I love youuu!

  3. Windy says:

    Hahaha Flo, I’m telling you… I had to do a something FROM that movie, I had no choice.

  4. Estie says:

    Awwww man this is incredibly sweet! altho hey, i’m not fond (at all) of new moon, but I won’t go there.
    I think this is beautiful and i’m impressed! GBY! Amen!! wow.. nice n’ refreshing 🙂 Love you Winds!!! 🙂

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