YIKES! When I read this fom Alyx’s I felt, bare, uncovered, all secrets out! DRAMAAAA!

TOTALLY DESCRIBED ME! To the core of each word, like, PERFECTLY 😀 Ahem…
WARNING! you might not want to continue reading this…..
(PS!!! By the way, Alyx is a Pisces too :D)



  • I am Pisces, and am therefore rather biased in my opinion that….pisces rock! Hehe.
  • Pisces, all Pisces, are food and book lovers. I haven’t met any who are not.
  • They love to know things and ask why.
  • They have very good memories for the things they read, this is why they always want a copy of what is being read in word time! (haha something I WOULD prefer, but that usually doesn’t happen 😦 )
  • When they are angry, frustrated, annoyed, irritated, hurt, or flaming mad, you will often not know it. Why? Because Pisces are excellent at hiding their emotions, they do it all the time without realizing it. The problem with this is, it has a tendency to build up inside and then explode out on some unsuspecting innocent bystander who happened to bump their elbow. Don’t take it personally. Sometimes it doesn’t come out for years though. If they dislike you, they simply CANNOT show it, they might be wanting to kill you in their minds but their face will show a pasted smile. (True…to the core!)
  • Emotional, moody, and sensitive! That’s what they are, unless they’re super on the attack against it. But most people never know this, for the above mentioned reason.
  • Pisces like each other, because they relate and understand each other. But they do not usually become good or close friends.
  • Money slips through their fingers because they love to buy things for people, and give money away. They take a joy in sharing and giving to those they love and don’t have a problem with lending anything and everything, and because of this, things often get lost, sniff.
  • Another reason things get lost is because they can be rather scatterbrained, and always forget where they left things(like hairbrush, toothpaste, pencils, makeup, etc). (Oh God, so true…)
  • Can be very, very weird. Some days you’re watch them and they can be the most mature and serious person on the planet, then suddenly, WHAM! They’ll make a be making a weird face, say some random thing or act totally crazy. BEWARE!
  • Are not very picky when it comes to things being neat, (UNLESS! UNLESS it stinks!) and people often view them as messy, which is (usually) not true. (People see me as neat! HA HA!) They are just not picky! Every so often they go on an organizing spree and arrange everything beautifully. Then for a week they don’t care! (….well…what can I say but *blush blush?*)
  • Pisces girls are vain. (WHOAH!…we are!?)

    Fun fascinating fact : Did you know that Pisces are the rarest sign in The Family? We so rock. (AMEEEEN!)

Okay, so there you have it. ME described to you…. hope you’ll still love me :D!


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Ha! You want ME to describe myself in a 140 word box??? Think again! Just go to the "About Me" section and find out more!
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5 Responses to PISCES…

  1. Flo says:

    Cool, now we know your true identity!! 😛

  2. Susan says:

    My sister (and roommate) is a Pisces; that stuff is so true! Especially about being mad or frustrated but hiding it. I didn’t know it was the rarest sign in the Family, wow!

    Psst, Windy, I still think you’re great!! 🙂

  3. Nala says:

    OMG…can i repost this…it describes me to the core…totally…u know i used to think Pisces were rare until i came to the Philippines where everyone home as at least 1-4 pisces….. super cool no? and today I went in a huge cleaning spurt…and now my floor is sparkling….and it will kill me if anyone messes it…:D ahh…nvm but yes i always feel bad for the poor bystanders that i explode at when i’m mad…..!

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