EEEE! I’m so happy!!! This is just such an answer to prayer!…MY PRAYER!

I can still remember that day, some months ago. Me and Lynette were power walking around our tennis court and had some prayer time while we were at it. I prayed so that Gabe would be able to go to the XD with her and that if it was His will, that it would work out for them to be together.

And now… THEY ARE!

All that’s missing is that HER prayer request for me gets answered 😀


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4 Responses to LYNETTE HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!

  1. lynette says:

    Hehe, all the glory to Windy… but its only Jesus right?
    Yay i have a BF, soo cool right? Frst comes the reltionship, then marrieage and kids…. scary! heheh i wouldnt mind…wait…ugh what im i saying….i think i had to much to drnk…=P. –love you, you are such a princess–!

  2. Windy says:

    Hahaha gosh…ahem, considering that “marriage and kids” came from you…yes. I love you too! I missed you tons and .. uhhh…I’m a ……PRINCESS!?!?!!?

  3. lynette says:

    not really, i was joking about the pronces thing, was just pretending i was sweet to you-…=D

  4. 2wildwindyheart says:

    ugh! FINE! (-_-)

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